Thursday, March 18, 2010

I keep saying i'm going to be a better blogger.....

Sometimes life doesn't always go as planned. I think I have more than learned that lesson......and then some. I have ended up moving in with my mom. My credit sucks and it seems that everyone does credit checks before renting these days. It's been interesting......shoving 8 people into a little tiny 3 bedroom house. My bedroom ended up being in the dining room. I have zero privacy. Rhett has no bed except a little foam couch that folds out on the floor. So he generally sleeps with me.

Rhett has been sick again. He has RSV and human metapneumo virus. Which is what he had last month as well. While at the er last night I was able to talk them in to sending us home with the deep suctioning tubing. As long as he stays suctioned his sats stay up enough to stay home. We head back to the Dr tomorrow for a check up to make sure he is still doing well enough to be home. I am so very thankful that God has given me the strength to take care of him at home so that he is not in the hospital where he can catch something else on top of this. Which with his pulmonary hypertension and his chronic lung disease could be tragic for him.

We finally settled with the hospital from when he was overdosed. It's been a long hard road. We didn't get near as much as what we planned. However in the end all that matters is that my child is still here. He is walking and talking and makes me smile every day. He is my little hero wrapped up in one little short 32 lb package.

The other kids are all doing well. They finally have a big yard to play in and fields and swamp to explore in. It's fun to see them doing the same things that I did as a kid in the same place I grew up. I am waiting for the day that they come in and tell me they found a dead muskrat to poke with a stick. Or the day that they go put pennies on the train tracks. I am excited for summer.

I hope all of my bloggy friends are doing well!!!


Becca said...

Welcome back, Pam! I'm so sorry you've had so many setbacks and that Rhett's been ill. But the important thing is that you all have each other. And memories of childhood in summer are the BEST!

stephanie said...

Hi! Sorry Rhett has been sick. I tell ya, you're a strong one!
Summer sounds like fun at your mom's. Kids need room to run. Hope Rhett feels better soon, keep us posted?

My Three Sons said...

Well thank goodness for your mom. It doesn't matter how cramped, it is a roof over your head.

I hope that Rhett is feeling better now...a month later.

Summer is right around the corner and I'm kind of excited as well. I'm thinking about driving the boys from Kansas City to Cali this summer. Are you on somewhere on that route? Let me know. Nothing set in stone yet but I have wanted to do a west coast trip with them and with Coltan 15, I have about 3 good years left for summer vacations.

sanjeet said...

you're a strong one!
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