Monday, August 3, 2009

BoY's WiLl Be BoY'S

You know, I often think of Andy and his brother Anthany, (Toad) as lost boys. They have a super close bond, and they still get together and wrestle and pick on each other like crazy.

Uncle Toad is a favorite around here. My kids adore him.

These "BIG" boy's won't ever grow up, and I love that.....

This one cracks me up, it was a great big giant dog pile. Rhett was standing behind me. He wasn't so sure about his Daddy getting "picked on."

So tell me? Is your husband just one great big giant ball of a little boy trapped in a grown mans body?

For me, I wOuLdN't HaVe It AnY oThEr WaY.


Shari said...

Yes ma'am! I often tell people I have 'four' boys! You know--that includes the 'big' one, too! Men are boys in a grown-up body!

Suzie & Lily said...

Great photos!

Dawn said...

Pam Joe is the same way him and his buddies get together and it's like high school all over again. they wrestle, play games, outside throwing balls at each other. Girl it's like I got 5-6 more sons. lol. But I love Joe just the way he is. He even gets in moods where he wants to wrestle with me.

ABandCsMom said...

Absolutely! I always tell people that I really have 4 kids. We have 3.
However, my husband is sometimes the "bigger" kid out of all of them! I guess that old saying stand true, "Boys will be boys" forever it seems!

carol said...

I dont post on here often. But I wanted to tell you your pictures are stunning. I hope some time soon you can have your own studio. You have a great eye and get the great shot every time. Way to go. Love the name you picked out. Your familes pictures are wondeful. Its like looking right into their eyes. You go girl you have a true gift.
carol N.

Christina said...

k those pictures crack me up!!!! i havent seen toad in forever!!!!! our "men" will always ne little boys....look at floyd!!!

My Three Sons said...

That is very cute. It's nice to see that the "big boys" can enjoy life to the fullest. Great pics.

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