Saturday, August 1, 2009

PiCtUrE OvErLoAd!!!!!

While I have been MIA trying to pick up the pieces of our lives and move forward, we have been working really hard on focusing on being together. Here are some of the FuN things we have done the last few weeks.

We've done ToNs of swimming. (Special thanks to Ashely for taking the swimming pictures of us!!)

Then we went to a beautiful place up in the mountains called Cascade Springs. It's always been one of my very favorite places in the whole world. Even as a child. So I decided I needed to take my kids up there.

Rhett did an amazing job walking around all the trails and not trying to dive in the much.

Chloee had a hard time staying out of it too though.....

Sigh....I really could just eat him.

We even got a rare picture of me with the kids!!

Rhett's new favorite thing to do is wrap his arm around your neck for a pose, and say ChEEsE!!!!

Koda even cooperated with me and let me take some pictures of him!!!

Chloee is always ready to pose for the camera. She wishes I had one attached to me all the time.

Hunter helped Rhett get a drink from the drinking fountain. I nearly wet my pants I was laughing so hard at the both of them.

Hunter and Rhett really are best friends.

Don't let me fall okay Hunter?

Later that weekend we had the Bird Family reunion.

Which included some AwEsOmE Karaoke....

This is Andy and his cousin Tim. Tim is the one who has taught Andy how to draw and helped him so much with his art. They sang Whiskey for my Men, and Beer for my Horses.....Again, I almost wet my pants.

Hunter got into some serious Arm Wrestling matches with our other cousin, Craig.

They had a bounce house/obstacle course that the kids got to play on. They all had oodles and oodles of fun!!

We had alot of fun, and it was so great to be together as a family.

Even if Rhett did end up with RSV this week. Ya.RSV.In.August.

The doctor told us this was the 4th case he had seen, which makes me really worry for what is in store for this winter. Not just for us, but for everyone.

We are working hard on keeping things together and looking on the bright side of things. Praying for a steady paycheck and a job that allows us to be together.

That's the most important thing in life. BeInG tOgEtHeR.


Rich said...

Nice work... and... you can never take too many photos of your kids.. I did 6000 in 4 days for the Little League tournament... call me when you get close... ;-)

Your colors are very vivid and pop nicely...

ABandCsMom said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast. Sorry Rhett's sick. Poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon. It is kind of weird to have RSV in August. Kind of scary too.

AZ Chapman said...

so glad u had fun with the family

My Three Sons said...

Love the pics. I'm glad to see that while you were MIA, you were still out having a great time with your family.

momtojesse said...

Sorry Rhett is sick again. Give the lil' guy hugs for us.
You take amazing pics. I can't wait until we can get together and I can have you take pics of Jesse. Hugs to you all.

Niksmom said...

I haven't been commenting much (anywhere) lately but wanted to say I'm glad things are shifting for your family. (OK, except for the whole freakin' RSV stuff! WTH???)

It's so hard to make the time for each other and so easy for "the wheels to fall off" and for others to judge. Glad you are taking it in stride and taking time for your family.

The pics? GORGEOUS!

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm pretty sure you live in Utah, so where are the Cascade Springs? They are so beautiful!

ShaRhonda said...

Great pics! I can never have enough family pictures, such memories!

Colleen said...

Your pictures are beautiful, Pam! You have an awesome family, and I'm glad you've been able to have a great time together lately. :)

Freetastic said...

Okay Pam you did notice Koda is like a full foot taller than you now right? lol..Wow he is definitely Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome!

Love the pictures!

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