Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Pretty Fun Week....

We got to hang out with a pretty cool guy this week.

Twice actually. Thursday and Friday.

Anyone recognize him? Here's a hint.

Ya, that's Frankie Muniz. Who is now a professional race car driver.....and a pretty dang good one at that, I might add.

He races for Team Stargate Worlds, with his partner Simona, who has been racing since she was 5 years old.

The kids got to sit in her car, and they had a blast.

Rhett tried to pull the fire extinguisher.

Then on Saturday we went to Lagoon and Chloee was finally tall enough to ride all of the roller coasters.

Of course I had to video it.

They have these little boats that have been there since I was a kid for the little kids to ride in. It's probably one of the most simple rides at Lagoon.

Rhett got kicked off of them.

He wouldn't stay out of the water and kept reaching over the side and splashing the other kids and trying to drink the water.

Ya I know. I'm raising a three year old hoodlum.

Truth be told I laughed my ass off. He did good on all of the other rides though. He loved the little whales that go up and down and in a circle. I think he rode those like 15 times.

It's been a good week.

I am so thankful for Hope Kids, who made our days with Frankie Muniz possible, and for my sister Kristie, who took us to Lagoon.

After being cooped up for the winter, it's been a really fun week full of activities.

I just wish Andy could have gone with us. I hate the car dealership. I want them to give me my husband back.

Dakota was with us at Lagoon, however he would not let me video him no matter how hard I tried. As far as the days at the race track and hanging out with Frankie, well, he had absolutely no interest in it at all, and wouldn't go with us.


It's hard sometimes backing off and just letting him not come when he doesn't want to go to an activity. Part of me wants to force him to go just to see if he will like it, but I've pushed him for 13 years, and it always ends up in him having a miserable time. I sure miss him when we do stuff like this though, and I really wish he didn't hate the camera so much.

But I have to respect him, and I do.

He is doing really well and just thriving in his new school. Getting almost all A's. Why? Because the teachers don't just shove him under the rug and pretend he doesn't exist.

So as hard as it is on me, and as much as I struggle every day with the choices that we have made, I know it is the right thing to do.

I just wish he was here with me more.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, just like us.


Molly C said...

Oh Rhett! lol. Good thing he is SUCH a cutie. He'll make an awesome hoodlum. :-P

Also, if you feel so inclined, can you keep me in your thoughts.prayers tomorrow. I'm flying for the first time in 4 years and I'm terrified!

I really love your blog. You know that Rhett is like, cuter than any child I could ever hope to have. :-D

Shelly said...

Great Pictures! But I can't see the video.. Not sure if its just me..

Colleen said...

Ok, I felt like I was just on the rollercoasters with you and Chloee! lol I'm glad you had such an awesome weekend! I can't believe that is Frankie Muniz, he is quite handsome! I haven't seen his pic in a few years!

Carey said...

So I'm just catching up. I'm soooo far behind, BUT I can't believe you didn't email me?!!! So what I want to know is what are his platelets like? That's a biggie. Really there's other things to look at too, his HGB? Low platelets are what cause them to bruise, as does toddlerhood.

Let me know!

stephanie said...

Wow! I just watched the video with my daughter and had a good laugh.What a dare devil! How in the world could you hold a camera so steady?The little blue car Rhett and Chloee were driving is more my speed, and didn't little Frankie grow up!Looks like it was a super time, good for you!

Anonymous said...

For someone who is always crying poverty it seems that every other week your kids are posing with someone famous and at some very expensive and exclusive event.

David and 'Becca Black said...

It's just jealousy, Pam. :)

Midwest Mommy said...

I didn't even recognize "Malcom". How cool is this!

Julie said...

"Anonymous" usually just means "idiot who wants to run mouth without knowing ANYTHING". Of course, that isn't true all of the time but it sounds right in this case.

So glad you guys got to have a lovely time! And Rhett getting thrown off the water ride - HA HA HA HA!!!

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