Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Much Going On....

So we opted out of them admitting Rhett to have testing done. After confirming that it isn't cancer, which they won't give me a 100% no he really doesn't have it, although at this point I think it's just a CYA type of thing, I decided that we could just wait until we get insurance through Andy's work on the 1st of June.

It's pointless to rack up a huge hospital bill when we are only a couple of weeks away from being insured. It may not be the best insurance, but at least it's something. Something is always better than nothing I say.

I have decided that I am just sick of doctors. Not that I don't fully appreciate everything they do for us, and have done in the past, just that I am sick of watching my son get test after test after test. Then to add all the procedures and surgeries on top of it.

When is enough just enough, ya know?

I figure if it's not life threatening then it can wait a while. After looking at the statistics on a cord actually retethering I am also hesitant about it. I mean the odds are so few and far between.

My thoughts are that maybe his feet are the way they are because they were damaged before when his spinal cord was tethered. There was alot of tension, and they were quite surprised when they got in there, and since it's been winter and Rhett has been in shoes 98% of the time, we just haven't noticed how bad his feet really were.

He has orthotics, which I am pretty sure he has out grown by now, but we could get him some new ones, and I am sure that would help him considerably.

Can you tell I'm looking for the easy way out?

Ya, well it's because I totally am.

Regardless of when an MRI comes, he will have to have one by July as that's when he is due to have one on his brain anyways. This is to check on that Colloid Cyst that has made it's home in the third ventricle of his little melon.

So all the medical jargon aside, he did really well over the weekend till last night when he decided to give me a heart attack by his sats dropping to the 80's for a prolonged period of time.

Nothing a little Oxygen didn't cure though.

I had a great Mother's Day. We put Rhett's sand table that he got for his birthday last October together, and got him some colored sand for it. I was super excited to find out that Crayola makes colored sand. We got him some green and blue. He loves it, and I love that it fits just right on our balcony and he can go out and play in it without escaping.

Chloee loves to sit on the bathroom sink and do Roxy's hair. They are so cute together.

Rhett has been doing super at potty training. We are on day 5 of zero accidents. He still needs prompting to go pee, but will tell us when he has to poop. I LOVE this Fisher Price Frog potty. It only has two pieces, and the eyeballs come up enough so that he doesn't squirt all over the floor. It's super easy to clean, and doesn't have little nooks and crannies that soak up that pee smell.

Sunday night Rhett and Hunter fell asleep in our bed, and I thought it was so cute that they were holding hands. They are so sweet together.

So I am sure that many of you already know of the Traveling Afghan Project. But did you know that Rhett kind of started it all? Go here to CJ's Blog and read about it. CJ also sent Rhett this CUTE afghan that she made, and he slept with it all night last night. We got it yesterday and it's already been washed twice it's so loved!!

Hunter made me this cute card in school.

Chloee made me this cute little hand print butterfly.

And Rhett made me lip gloss with sprinkles!!

Dakota didn't make me anything, pfth...he's almost 14 he's soooo beyond that. ;)

Instead he gave me the greatest gift by cleaning up around the house and doing dishes without being asked. For him that is HUGE.

So, it's been crazy. Lot's going on, and Rhett is still pretty low on his oxygen saturation's today. Just something we'll watch. Probably something viral.



Abby said...

I'm glad things are looking good for Rhett! I have been thinking about him. You are have some really sweet kids! I hope your Mother's Day was great!

stephanie said...

What a beautiful picture of the boys asleep holding hands. The Best!! Glad you are able to wait on any testing until the first.

jacoysloan said...

I hope Rhett is doing better. I have not seen you guys for a long time! where are you living? I want to keep in touch. Olivia's mom Jacoy Sloan our blog www.oursloanhome.blogspot.com

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