Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chicken Little Update....

Okay since Lacey so bluntly nicely reminded me, I didn't let you all know how Mr. Chicken Little is doing. He did great coming out of anesthesia, in fact on the way to the PACU he decided that hims could be a big boy and extubate himself when the anesthesiologist turned his head, thus causing a bloody nose that sent everyone running for cover.

When I got back there with him, his oxygen sats were hanging out in the high 70's low 80's. But we put him on 1 1/2 liters of his addiction oxygen, and he was up in the upper 90's.

They released us around 3 pm, and he was still super drowsy. He kept slouching his head forward in the car, and I spent the majority of our ride home hopping on and off freeway exit ramps, and repositioning his melon so that he could breathe. When he would slouch forward his sats would drop and his monitor would go crazy.

When we got home we's curled up in the recliner, and watched us some Sponge Bob.

He would try to get down and walk, but he looked more like a drunk than anything. They gave him some Versed before he went into the OR, and Chicken Little reeaaallllyyy likes Versed. It makes him super happy for at least 24 hours after he gets it.

So. After walking around like the town drunk for a few minutes, I made him get back up in my lap and stay there. He fell asleep around 6 tonight, and then started in with a fever, and you know that if he gets a fever all sorts of crap starts going on.

His sats started dropping, and his color is super off. His heart rate is in the 160's which is really high for him since he typically has a super low heart rate.

So basically he's doing normal Chicken Little stuff.

If you want my honest opinion, he just wants to make sure that I don't ever sleep again. I think he enjoys seeing me walk around like a zombie during the days.

But I have news for him and his little scheming baby ways. He can keep me awake all night long for the next 4 months all he wants. Come June I am leaving him for 4 days and going to Country Jam with Big Bird.

Ha! What do you think about that Mr. Chicken Little.

Of course he'll be with his Aunt Kristie, and probably won't even miss me.


Tonight I will be watching the sat monitor, and listening to his chest every few hours to make sure he is doing okay. I thought for a while at one point that we might be heading back to the hospital the way his sats were dropping, but I suctioned him and got a pretty darn big slimy mucous plug out, dinner anyone? and he is doing just a tad bit better.

I have decided that my life was one of the most boring lives in the history of lives before Chicken Little entered my world. I mean, I used to play softball, go hunting, camping, fishing, scrapbook.

But now look at my life, it's centered around sucking mucous plugs out of a 3 year old and saving them just so I can gross my husband out the second he walks in the door. I'm an offical pooper scooper for Chicken Little, and I can actually draw you and in depth diagram of the human heart, and then change it to show you what Chicken Little's heart looked like before surgery, and what it looks like now. I have even learned two new languages. ASL, and creepy Dr. talk.

Dude, my life rocks, and I am totally serious about that.

Rocks, I tell you. R.O.C.K.S


Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

The creepy doctor talk is awesome! That's exactly how I feel sometimes.

You definately deserve getting away with the hubby for a few days!

Little Miss E said...

Your life rocks, and so do YOU!!

I got this together, so I wanted to let you know about the T21 Travelling Afghan Project! I hope you will consider participating and I would appreciate it if you could help spread the word! Thanks!

Ally in Wonderland said...

I was born with some kidney defects, so by the time I was Tweety's age, I knew more about hospital protocol and can draw you detailed diagrams of kidneys.

The good news is, with loving parents like you, there will be no need for therapy. :)

Ann said...

Oh I'm so excited that Rhett is doing well. Every time my phone rang yesterday I checked to see if it you you twittering :) Then because I was obsessively checking my phone I got to tell a bunch of my friends about this awesome family and way cool kid. I'm also very excited that you and Andy get some time together. That's happy!

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