Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ZarBees Cough Syrup Review and Giveaway....

I recently had a chance to review some awesome cough syrup. I have talked with many of my twitter friends who have had kids that have been sick recently. When one of my friends had a little boy who couldn't quit coughing I recommended a mixture of Honey and Vinegar, but her little guy didn't like the taste of it, and she ended up wearing it.

Heh. Sorry about that Megan.

After that, I came across ZarBees cough syrup and knew I had to try it. ZarBees was kind enough to send me a bottle of their Cherry flavored cough syrup, and not a moment too soon.

How did they know Rhett was going to come down with pneumonia?

After talking with Rhett's cardiologist, and sending him to the ZarBees website, we were given the go ahead to try this with him.

~Did you hear that? It was totally cardiologist approved. I know- I about fell of my chair too.

I generally give Rhett's meds through his g-tube, but since the whole point of this medication is to ease irritation in the throat, I gave it to him orally. I suited up in plastic rain gear -Okay not really, but I was prepared to have him spit it all over me.

He took it really well though, and even asked for more. I tried a little taste of it myself, and found it to be quite pleasant, which is saying alot since I am a huge baby when it comes to medication in the syrup form.

Rhett was quickly comfortable enough to sleep, and he slept really well. It relieved his throat irritation from his constant coughing, not to mention giving him his voice back for a while.

I really like that the product is natural, and doesn't have any of those scary things in it that you are afraid to give your kids for fear they will grow another head or something.

~ Cause you know, Rhett's mouthy enough with just one head and all.

I really loved this company, and we will be life long customers for sure. They are based here in Utah, and I love supporting our local companies. You can purchase ZarBees from their website, or any local Harmon's grocery store.

Since ZarBees is so great, they have also offered to give away three bottles of cough syrup in either Cherry or Lemon flavored. That's three chances to win!!

Winning is easy, and there are many different ways to win. Remember to leave a comment for each way you enter.

1. Go to the ZarBees website and tell me something that you learned on there that I didn't talk about during my post, tell me whether you would like the lemon or cherry cough syrup if you were to win.

2. Follow Zarbees on Twitter.

3. Follow me on Twitter.

4. Follow my blog.

This contest is open until February 21st.

They have also offered a coupon for all of my readers, and you can pass it on to your friends and family! Upon check out just enter this code.


Please note as well, that although we gear our products towards enhancing the lives of families that have children with special needs. ANYONE can enter. You don't have to have a child with special needs, because the products we review and give away can be used for anyone.

So please....enter away.

Ahem....I won't mention any names Shelia.


Lacey said...

So I assume that Rhett did good today and is home? You left us hanging, JK. I hate the wound care nurses. They always try to get you to use their crap. It never works anyway. I like the old fashion stuff better. I can't tell if he's cranky because of surgery or what. I'm not used to him being home this soon after surgery. He usually stays forever. So I'm not used to steri strips and strong pain meds at home,LOL

Wendy's Mom said...

I am so glad that little bit is doing okay.

I hope he does okay tonight! Pam I swear if I lived up there I would come check on him for you!! Unfortunately it is a little far to make a House visit from here! LOL!!

Okay I saw my name on there!! I guess I miss understood for I thought that you really preferred that only people with kids entered the give aways. Now of course some of it I cannot use at all. However, now the Flipper thingy might be another story.!!

Keep up updated on Chicken Little! He is so cute!!


April (Salisbury8) said...

Hi Pam, I checked out your Zarbees.. Interesting stuff. It sounds like it tastes yummy. Directions.. take every 4 directed. :) Because of the buckwheat Gluten free people cant take it.
Hope Rhett is feeling better today!

Carter Family said...

I learned that It was made by a ped. is an all-natural cough syrup that provides relief from coughs due to throat irritation while simultaneously boosting the immune system.
and most of all that its safer than all those other cough meds.

Carter Family said...

I follow you... and your blog and I follow Zarbees


LisaL said...

I learned that it is made with dark honey (didn't realize there were so many different types of honey) and that it can be used for immune system support. Sounds pretty neat! I think my kids would prefer the cherry.

LisaL said...

I follow you on twitter... although I have been sick and haven't checked twitter in a few days....

LisaL said...

I follow your blog, too!

Nancy said...

Each dose has the minimum daily Vit. C requirement in it. That's good to know!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Nancy said...

Oops - I forgot to request the Cherry flavor in that last comment!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Nancy said...

I am a follower.
Hope Rhett is feeling better!
Cherry flavor would be my pick! Thanks!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

4in4 said...

It has vitamins in it! Cool!

4in4 said...

Following Zarbees on Twitter (analisa_roche)

4in4 said...

Now following you on Twitter (analisa_roche).

4in4 said...


Becky said...

I learned that it has vit C in it! Good to help fight the cold!
becky at harts dot name

oh, my kids would like cherry!

Anonymous said...

They were featured on MSNBC and ABC4, You can also get them at the Dr.s office.
I'd love Cherry
ashlomb at yahoo dot com

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