Friday, February 4, 2011

Holy Moly What a Week.....

It's been a long time since I've had a week where I feel like I just can't handle everything. But this was one of those weeks.

Monday morning started out with a call from Andy. He had been in a car accident on the freeway. It wasn't his fault, however the girl who hit him...(at 55mph) was uninsured. He felt fine for a while afterwards, however he started hurting really bad in his neck and head after a while so he went to the Dr. They did a full work up on him, including neck X-rays. It showed that his spinal cord in his neck had reversed, so he is going to physical therapy and spinal rehab. He hurts. A lot.

To top it off our insurance are being idiots, and denying the claim we put in. We have done nothing but get the run around with them. We have been with therm for years, and all the sudden when we need something they come up with all these reasons as to why they refuse to accept our claim.

We called the girls insurance company, and they were more than happy to help, and we already have a claim number. Had I have known this on Monday, I would have skipped the 3 ring circus through our insurance. Rawr.

Rhett has not been feeling very well for the last month. He has slowly stopped eating, he sleeps way more than he used to, he gets dusky, and has had an increased need for O's. He also has had a slow heart rate. Even for him. At first I thought he was sick, however I have taken him into the Dr, and the ER. They both have ruled out any type of illness, and they are all very much in agreement that it's his heart.

Except his cardiologist. Have I ever mentioned how crazy this man makes me? One appointment he will tell me one thing, then next appointment I get told something completely different. I'm a little tired of him just doing the whole bandaid thing. Rhett doesn't seem to be the only one he has brushed off. He wanted to Trach Rhett back in 2008. Andy and I made the decision to try the UPPP surgery, and Rhett has done amazing without the trach. So I often wonder if his dr is just so over worked he just doesn't care anymore. I'm ready for a new cardiologist that's for sure.

Anyways. We are going in on Monday and going to do a 24 hr Holter test to see how low his heart rate really is. He's talked pacemaker before, and he's talking it again. I just hope they can do SOMETHING. I want my little boy back. It makes me sad watching him sleep all the time, and he missed this whole week of school because he looked and acted so awful.

To top off the week, Hunter ended up with pneumonia. He has asthma and the slightest attack sets everything in motion for him to get nasty lungs. He's spent the week at home too. He's on the mend after some hefty doses of albuterol, and cipro, as well as some loving from mom. Of course a lot of Wii time too. That always makes one happy right?

I am so glad today is Friday. I'm looking forward to a nice weekend, having decided to just put this week behind me. After typing everything out I am ready do just that.

Happy Friday Everyone!!! .........Or Saturday depending on your time zone. Heh.


Anonymous said...

If the girl was did you call her insurance company??

Pam said...

According to her paperwork her insurance had lapsed. In the police report it showed her insurance company information along with the agent. We filed a claim with the company on the police report. .....they gave us a claim number and told us to send all the medical info to them. Apparently it's still up in the air as to whether we are goi g to have to get a personal injury attorney to go after her or not. Covered, uninsured, all we know is what we have been told and what was on the police report. Good enough?

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