Friday, November 26, 2010

Growing Up...

Thanksgiving this year was fantastic!! We went down to Salina and spent the day with Andy's side of the family. We haven't been down there since before Rhett was born, and some of the family hadn't ever met him before. Just one of the many things that we had to sacrifice to make sure our sweet boy stayed healthy. Although, the last 2 years Rhett's been in the hospital either on Thanksgiving, or the couple of days before, so we were REALLY thankful he was healthy this year!! He is growing up so much, I can't even put into words how happy I am to see him becoming more independent, and growing up such a happy, sweet, and thriving little boy.

In case you were wondering just how healthy and happy he was, well I think this picture speaks not just a thousand, but a million words.......

I hope you all had just as much to be thankful for as we did.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

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