Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fevers and Not Feelin so Hot...

Rhett has been feeling really lousy. We have taken him in multiple times to the dr, and they can't find anything. He has been spiking fevers off and on for nearly a month. He doesn't eat anymore. And he sleeps tons.

We just did a holter monitor this week. Hoping this will give is some insight to what is going on. He's suffered from bradycardia since 2007, but we are not sure how badly it's affecting his body. All I know is this boy is becoming skin and bones before my eyes.....and he didn't have much to lose to begin with.

My mommy gut wonders what is going on. Because something isn't right.

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cici said...

I'm so sorry. I will say my Prayers for him to start eating and feeling good again. He is precious.

Milk in My Martini Glass said...

You're blogging again!!! Hooray!! Just wanted to let you know I moved my blog from allyinwonderland0611 to

Join the revolution.

Anonymous said...

I hope Rhett is feeling better soon, and that your mommy instinct resting easier too.


Colleen said...

Keeping your little guy in my prayers. I sure hope he'll start feeling better soon.

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