Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Think I Raised a Rabbit.......

Rhett's never been real interested in foods. I mean, he loved pedia sure for the longest time.

Now he takes Elecare through his G-tube and it's kinda smells like sweaty socks. I know. Ewwww!!!

He is so cute though. Lately his thing is salads, He LOVES lettuce. He will eat any food of the rabbit variety.

Add a lil dippy sauce, (ranch), and some cheese and crumble up some crackers and he is in pure bliss. He doesn't like meat, and he'll eat bread...and he LOVES spaghetti, but that's pretty much his diet. Gotta love walking into a restaurant and he squeals with delight when they bring out a salad.

He's not so in to junk foods. I he likes a Popsicle every now and again, but for the most part all those foods that should help him GAIN weight, he wants nothing to do with. But it's ok. Momma has tricks up her sleeve to help him gain those pounds that he needs.

He's still so little. I'm lovin it. I love those little cuddly days and I love that he still fits in my lap!!

I see so many days where he is so grown up and doing big kid things, but yet he still has that cuddly little baby part of him. I contribute it to the fact that so much of his little life has been in the hospital and it's what we lived with. The cuddling is all he's known. It makes me so very happy to snuggle.

I often wonder why I was picked to be the mom to such an amazing little boy. His strength is 10x that of which I have ever known. I am so lucky.

Today we drove up the canyon and it was so fun to watch him shake hands and talk to everyone that walked by him. He touches so many people.

If half of the people in the world knew his love there would be a lot less hatred in the world. Many can be so down right mean and nasty. They hide behind the Internet and attempt to make others miserable because the don't love themselves and their lives. It's sad.

As for me...I'm just going to sit back, relax, and enjoy my kids this summer. Gimped up or not......we have plans!!! I am so lucky to make memories with my family!!

And if Rhett grows really long ears and buck teeth.....we all know why!!!!


Anonymous said...

good for you Pam!! glad to see you back, and you're right...people think they can get away with mean comments, I believe it will come back to bite 'em. Have a wonderful summer making priceless memories!! Susie

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Are you for real anon? Pam has been working since January. She works nights from home so she can be with her kids.

As a relative I can vouch that she is on no welfare, other than Rhetts ssi and Medicaid, and she is going to school in September. I would be careful what you say. Karma has a way of coming back around.

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