Friday, November 27, 2009

Long Overdue Update..........

Wow i seriously think I may have broken a Pam's World Record for time periods between blog posts.

Sorry about that. My bad.

See things have been going in a downhill spiral and yeah. I'm not picking myself up anytime soon.

Hmmmmm where to begin.

Let's start with my gallbladder. I have been having issues with it for a while now. They did some testing and during the testing found a mass on my liver. The first initial ultrasound though showed nothing abnormal, but I was still having issues so they did a different test that showed how well my gallbladder was actually functioning.

And the results were........It wasn't.

So at this point, they had already decided that the mass needed to be removed and they were going in, so why not take the gallbladder as well.

Things happened pretty quickly from the day I went and met with the surgeon to surgery day. It wasn't even 24 hrs. Of course they were worried that the mass was malignant, aka as the "C" word.

So on Tuesday the 10th, I gowned up and went under the knife. Hehehe. It was all done laparoscopically, so it's not like they sliced me open, just made a bunch of tiny stab marks all over my belly.

Cause it's funner that way don'tchya know.

A couple of hours later, and a few drinks on my part....of apple juice that is. I got up ran.........okay slowly hobbled........around the nurses station and got my walking papers.

Recovery has been another story.


I ended up with an infection, thrush, and some serious pain.

We did get results that the small mass was just benign, but either way I am glad that pesky little thing is out of my body. Along with my gallbladder.

Granted my diet still doesn't consist of many solid foods. I have a really hard time tolerating them. But I can tolerate Applesauce and Jello and Eggs. Other than that it's Icee's all the way baby.

To top it all off, Andy and I have been separated, although he did move back in for this surgery to help take care of the kids. There is no way I could have done it on my own, especially with the complications that I had.

Rhett has been doing well. He is loving school. He is loving riding on the bus, and I am loving that his teacher is a germ freak.......

He talks to no end. His speech therapists love it, and so do all of his aides. Their comments when we did his IEP was that they had never met anyone quite like Rhett as far as his speech skills go. Which is a good thing.

He is doing well in his other areas, of course he has certain ones that he is lacking in, like his gross motor, but he is doing really well. I am so proud of him. This year he has shown us that his lungs are starting to recover from his incident back in 2007.

He is not really into the whole potty training thing yet. We almost had him there a few months back and it went kaput.

Chloee has just lost another tooth and looks so cute with her toothless grin. She is loving school and her teacher has had to find books from upper grade levels for her take home reading to keep her challenged.

Hunter is doing well all things considered. He has really struggled with our separation more than anyone. Him and Andy have always been very close, and they still are, it's just affected him more so than the other kids.

Andy has been great at stepping up and taking care of them. I am very proud of him.

Dakota is doing really well in school. I think letting him go to this school in another town was one of the very best decisions I could have ever made.

I have pictures to post. Just don't have the time to upload them right now.

I hope all of my bloggy friends are doing well, and that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!!


Rich said...

Woo hooo...
What after all this time you expected a longer comment?

stephanie said...

Wow! that's a mouthful and an arm load! See what happens when you take a break! The kids sound good, glad Rhett is doing well in school.
But you!!!! Goodness that must have been a pretty scary adventure/ surgery.
I had no idea about the separation... so sorry. I hope every thing works out for the best, especially for the kids.
Take care!!!!

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

I'm glad that it was benign. That is so scary! (And you learn pretty quick how the house functions way better with mom not sick).

I hope that things get better for your family. Its great that Rhett is impressing everyone with his speech!

Molly said...

ok glad to hear you guys are hanging in there at least!!! I've MISSED reading you! I'm so glad to hear about little mister chatterbox! oh and Chloee's love of books will serve her well later in life! and I'm glad the other boys are muddling through it. It must have been hard to let Dakota go, but it really sounds like the best choice!

Love you and the little ones!! I am here if you need to vent. and I'm sorry about the separation!

The Boob Nazi said...

Wow. I'm sorry your recovery has been so terrible on top of everything else!

Damama T said...

Glad you're back and all is as well as it can be.


My Three Sons said...

I have thought of you often. I'm sorry to hear about Andy and you. Sometimes it's best to let something go that you love and if it was meant to know the phrase. It is nice that he stepped up and helped you out during your time of need.

That is wonderful that Rhett's speech is doing so well. What great news.

I hope Hunter does okay with everything going on. I will say a prayer for him.

Chloee loves to read? My oldest was the same way and they had to find harder books for him to read. I hope he takes that passion with him through his adult life.

Lastly, Dakota.....I knew in the beginning that was a great choice for you to move him in with your mom. I'm glad he is continuing to do well.

Call me if you need anything. I know I have leaned on you in the past so don't think twice about it.

Take care and can't wait to see the pictures of the kiddos.

Love Kaci and Carson

carol said...

Pam, I have been following your blog since Rhett was in the hospital from his overdose. I am sorry to hear of all of your troubles. Gallbladder surgey does take a while to recover from. I had it a few years ago. can you eat mashed potatoes. Seemed like a staple for us. My son had his out on the same day I did.
I am new to facebook. Could you please add me as a friend so i can follow your family.
Carol n.

g-ma-vicki said...

glad you are back on this blog and we know you are OK. You are sure loaded down with challenges. No one can be exactly in your shoes, but you are being courageous and you keep faithfully plugging along
in this life's journey. I'm not sure when the big rewards come and an easier life begins...but you keep taking one bite at a time, and we all keep you in our prayers
and remember to seek out those special cozy moments. God Bless You Owen's Gramma Vicki

Kari said...

WOWZERS what a fun time your having. I am back to bloggy world officially today. :) I noticed you check in on me and after almost a year I am back. Honored you check on me and hopefully things will go up from here for your family! Thank goodness it was benign!! XO

My Three Sons said...

Hey Pam,

I was just checking in and to let you know that I have been thinking about you and your situation.

I hope by now you have recovered well from the surgery.

Are you ready for Christmas? I'm not, but are we ever? LOL

Let me know if you need anything.

Love always,


My Three Sons said...


I just wanted to stop in and wish you a very Merry Christmas. I hope all of the kiddos had a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

OMG people please please stop with the auto-play music on your damn blogs! It makes readers jump out of their skin & then click away FAST.
1:47 PM Nov 27th, 2009 from TweetDeck

I saw this on someone's Twitter and immediately thought of this blog. Turn off the music. It's horrible.

Lacey said...

Ugh I hope your not there as long as we were, 12 days! Its a nasty virus I'm telling you. How many days are you into it, because it usually peaks around day 7, so you may be just getting started.

Ally in Wonderland said...

Hey, I have an interesting situation going on over at my blog you might be interested in reading about/helping out with.

Oh, and you need to post more updates. I'm going through Rhett/Chloe/Dakota/Hunter photo withdrawl. The drs said the only cure is more photos. My life is in your hands.

sanjeet said...

I hope every thing works out for the best, especially for the kids.
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Nikki said...

Alright Pam I'm such a loser! I lost track of you and I am just now catching up on your blog! (I don't know if you remember me? My son is Dade and he has Pulmonary Valve Stenosis. My name is Nikki.)

I'm happy Rhett is talking and doing so well! I was really sad to read about your separation. Is there anything I can do to help you guys? If you ever need ANYTHING please let me know!

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