Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Post In Which I Can't Think Of A Witty Title......

So I'm sure since I am like the queen of blogging....(bwhahahaha)....oh come on, I know you're laughing.....You all have missed what I have to say.


Truth be told I haven't had really good news to report, so I have just been keeping my mouth...(and hands for that matter)....silent.

Ya sure I've been around on Facebook, and Twitter, but I don't know what to do with my blog. I have felt like a big fat whiney baby so therefore didn't want to keep posting oh woe is me posts. But then again I didn't want to lie to myself, that everything is all hunky dory either.

Make sense? I hope so because it sure doesn't to me.

Our biggest thing right now is that Andy and I are not working, nor can we find a job. I am working on getting my GED, and should have that in the next few weeks, (Yes I am a high school drop out....let the trolls be released.....) then I will be off to school for 12 months to become a medical assistant. However I need to find a part time job to work as well, since I will only be going to school for 15 hrs a week.

Andy is currently not working. The car industry, well we held on as long as we could, what else can I say about that?

Stupid freaking economy.

He is currently working on heading back to school as well. He can't go back to production or manufacturing which is what he has done his whole life, nor can he sit for 10-12 hrs at a call center due to his back. He still is going to need pins and rods, and have it fused together in the future, so we are trying to hold out as long as we can on that.

Anywho.....long story short, he has met with the folks at Vocational Rehab and will head to UVU in January to become a teacher. Yes, I know that teachers don't get paid a bunch, but it's not about the money anymore. We don't need alot to survive. Just our measly rent, utilities, and car insurance. Plus gas and food and other items. But that's it. That's all we have. It's all we need. Keeping it simple is much better than all of the silly big extravagant things.

Boy did we learn that the hard way.

I would be content just living in our little three bedroom apartment for the rest of our lives. It's not about moving up with monetary items/material things anymore. It's about growing together and moving up individually and as a family, spiritually and mentally. It's about being together and going for little weekend drives up the canyon. Playing softball on a warm summer evening. That type of stuff.

Things have just plain sucked, there are really no other words for it.

We are waiting for next year when we can claim medical bankruptcy again. I am hoping that we can dig ourselves out of the holes we are in. The medical bills just keep coming in, and I just keep resisting the urge to shred them up for Rat bedding.

I am bound and determined not to let the Utah headlines get me down, the ones that say that people are out numbering the amount of available jobs by 10 to 1 right now. I know that the economy sucks, but I will find a job. Andy will find a job. We just have to, it's all there is to it.

Preferably steady jobs, but ones that are close to home. It can't be so far away that it's not worth it because we pay so much in gas. It doesn't have to pay much. Just something to keep us afloat.

The calender that Andy has been working on is nearly finished. We will be selling them here on the blog in the next month or so. He as well as some of his very talented friends, have done some amazing pictures of your children. Hopefully this calender will help some with our money situation.
You can see some of the pictures here, including the most recent one which is of Rhett himself. Our goal is to sell 5,000 calenders. Which, a portion of that money will go not only go to help with Rhett's medical bills but also towards helping some of our special friends who are in need.

All of the children in this calender share one thing in common, an extra chromosome.

So ya. Alot of rambling, a not to informative update, and I think I am done with this post. I have lots more to talk about, but I am so extremely tired. The kids are tucked in bed, and Andy is waiting for me on the couch to cuddle and watch a movie with him.

I will leave you with some pictures of our latest but CHEAP family adventure.......

Ice Blocking!!!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. The Bird Family sends all of our love to our sick friends, and those in need.

Night Y'all.


Shari said...

Pam: Please use your blog to let us know how you are doing even if it's not the best news! We care about you! And I am in the market for a new calendar so count me in! Glad to hear from you! Take care and praying for you like always.

Rich said...

Even though i follow you on FB post something on the blog now and then... I love your photography! And Andy's work you have shown is simply WOW!

I think Andy should do something extra special for the last photo of the calendar - unless you have that planned... I could think of a few, such as a tribute to the lost angels who are no longer here, a dream to run and play, or a portrait of an inferential doctor or nurse... or a hospital... or mom and a child... You get the idea! - Just a suggestion...

I miss my Bird Feed! hehehe (Pam Bird RSS Feed!)

momtojesse said...

Love all the pics. The pics for the calendar look great! I am so buying one.

Anonymous said...

The calendar pictures are beautiful! Let me know when the calendar is finished I will buy one.
When you say you were keeping your mouth and hands silent - were you throwing hand gestures around ;-0!!
Look into earning your CNA on the job! A lot of nursing homes will pay for you to go to school while you train and work for them!
I know the VA nursing home up here does that because one of the vets wants me to work there. Not sure what he wants me to assit him with though...
My friend is head of the Utah Nursing Home Association (something like that) and he also said that places will pay for your schooling while you train.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

((((hugs)))) I LOVE that picture of you and Rhett! I know the smile of your children get you through the hard times. Hang in there!

Christina said...

glad to hear that things are moving in a good direction for once!!! and soooo glad to see you in some of the photos you are in my prayers!! love ya all cousin christina

TMI Tara said...

Wow, does that look like fun! And your photos are amazing - you are super talented!

Wanted to let you know I'm getting back in the swing of things. I'm starting something called kidz krew. Find out more at the blog and let me know if you're interested in being part of it! Hugs and I'll be back more often now that I'm back in the bloggy world!!!

My Three Sons said...

Our blogs are our blogs. If you have a rough patch and want to express yourself, then it's your for that reason. I have found that blogging when I'm feeling down is a wonderful outlet....why? Because of all of our loyal blogging buddies.

I think going back to school is a wonderful idea. I did that last year and ended up not finishing because I didn't know that Carson would be scheduled for two surgies and numerous problems for that WHOLE semester! Oh well, I will try again.

Nursing is a perfect calling for you. You watch, you will go in and already know more than the instructors with everything you have been through. LOL

I think teaching is very rewarding as well and the best thing about both....there is always a demand in both fields.

Hats off to both of you!

Anonymous said...

De-lurking to say that I'm happy you're making some decisions that YOU are happy about. The heck with the rest of the's your blog. If you want to rant, vent or scream, do it.
I have a daughter who has had cancer twice: the medical implications of a special needs child are overwhelming. I keep you in my prayers.
As a Canadian, everytime I hear the American debate about health care I think of you and your family.

Amie said...

Sorry to hear things aren't going so well but your whole attitude about it is the best! The way you can recognize the important things in life and the simplicity. I love it! I think we could all take a page from your book. Best of luck with the job market and school.

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