Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lowering My Expectations.....

Over the last few weeks I have come to realize something.

I need to lower my expectations. I keep thinking that all of the sudden we are going to get a huge break out of the middle of nowhere.

Now. Mind you I don't want this so called break to be just handed to us, I know we have to work for it.


I have expected something big to just happen to make our lives easier. After all, it was just one big thing that made our lives hard to begin with.

You know, that thing that happened back in 2007.

Our lives aren't going to magically be put back together overnight. It's just not going to happen.

Andy lost his job again, I am still not working, and it's not for lack of trying on either of our parts.

Andy can't do the things he used to do. He can't lift 50 lbs repeatedly, nor 20 lbs for that matter. His back is shot. So he has met with the folks at Vocational Rehab, and plans on going back to school. Since he has a disability now, his schooling will be funded 100%.

What does he want to be?

A teacher.

I am so proud of him. I think he would make an amazing teacher, but no matter what he decides on, he will succeed. I have no doubt about that.

I am also headed back to school as well. I am going back to be a medical assistant, it's only 15 hrs a week, for 10-12 months, and I hope to find a small part time job between that as well.

We don't need much to survive.

As I have stated before, all we have is rent, utilities, food, and gas to get back and forth to job interviews. The medical bills can wait. They have waited this long already. It's not going to hurt them to sit some more.

So when I say I am lowering my expectations, I mean that we are going to start out small, and work ourselves into something bigger.


Between now and then, Andy and I are loving being together. We have refocused our lives around each other rather than finances, and we are doing fun things as a family again. Playing cards, family movie night, the important things.

As for our next adventure tomorrow night?

Ice Blocking.

There will be pictures. I promise.


Ann said...

Oh I'm so proud of you and Andy for going back to school. Teaching is wonderful. I've loved almost every minute of my ed program and the parts I didn't love didn't involve kids they involved professors! What does he want to teach? I know there is a huge need for male elementary teachers. He should definitely join his local Student NEA if the school he goes to has one. Its a great resource.

And you being a medical assistant? With Rhett around I don't know why they are making you go to school, don't you already know everything? ;) You'll do great.

Jobs will come and I'm praying for you. I'm so glad you are focusing on each other. It makes all the difference!

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

That's exciting for both of you. My husband is a middle school science teacher and he loves it. And you; that is AWESOME! You will do so great!

You have your priorities straight; the bills can wait but your family can not.

Good luck with everything!

stephanie said...

Pam that sounds wonderful. It's a great plan!As long as you've got each other and a strong family you can get through anything. You are well on your way!

Christina said...

Good for you guys! I hope everything works out the way you would like.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

Aimee said...

Voc Rehab is such a fabulous program. I'm so glad that he qualified. My bro-in-law is actually one of the main guys with voc rehab in the area where we live so if you have any questions you want answered and can't get it from your counselor, jot me an email and I'll ask him for you.

and as for you... I'm so glad you want to go back to school in the medical field. You'll do so great!

Praying for you that jobs will come your way. We finally caught a break so it's time that you do too! Loves...

Amy said...

Good luck to both of you. I was talking to a friend earlier this week about the economic situation so many of us are in. I really feel like it's been a call to return to the things that really matter the most. Sounds like you guys have already gotten that figured out.

my family said...

Hi, I just found your blog and your little guy is such a cutie pie, how old if he? My little boy turned 3 on March 3rd so they must be close in age. I hope to chech back on your blog if you don't mind.

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