Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seeing The Fishy's and Touching the Butt Boat.....

We've had an aquarium in our state for a while now. Not sure when it opened, but I have never been. My sister took my kids a while back, but it was while Rhett was in the hospital so he didn't get to go.

Any of you that know Rhett, know that he loves anything animal. He has no fear of them and has a pure love for anything that breathes. So I decided that today was the day him and I were going to the aquarium so he could get up close and personal with some of his buddies of the swimmy type. Of course my sister came along to help keep Rhett from becoming the swimmy type himself.

By far his favorite were the neon fish. Not sure why that surprised me. Rhett loves bright colors, which is why you see him in orange alot in his pictures. He is just a flashy kid.

Flashy with bright blue eyes.

Some of these pictures I am none to happy with, but I am posting them for the sake of his many faces that he pulled while watching hims fishy's. Like this one his hand is all blurry and it drives me bananas.

And this one the shadowing surrounding him is too dark. But it shows just how mesmerized he was with the fish, so I couldn't leave that one out.

Okay, I'll quit picking. I'll just shut up and enjoy this one.

Of course we couldn't go see some fish without him trying to lick the glass.

This was in the shark tank. He was standing there watching them, and they were pretty far back and all of the sudden one came up and swam right in front of him and headed up the glass. I think he dang near soiled himself right then and there.

After getting attacked by sharks, we went and hung out with some starfish. They're a little calmer......and smaller.

After we calmed down with the starfish we decided to get a little braver and head over to the big pool with the big fishy's.

Annnnnddd......Rhett tried to jump in with them and go "Whimming!!" Told you it was a good idea for my sister to go.

This is what he was trying to get. It's a stingray just in case you were wondering. Have you ever felt one of those things? WAY cool. It's all squishy and slimy, and gooey, and ya. We liked those.

Before we left we had to take a trip over to the big butt boat so Rhett could do some cruising. He finally got to touch a butt boat. (He loves Nemo)

At last it was time to say good bye to the fishy's and give them one last lick.

Side Note:
Yes, my child was wearing a leash, and at one point some demon of a boy looked at his parents and said,"Oh my GAWD that kid has a leash on!!" After the initial urge to run over and wash his naughty little mouth out with soap, I just smiled at him and said, "Don't worry. It's just so he won't bite you."

The dad laughed his hiney off, and the mom gave me a disgusted look and stuck her snotty nose in the air and walked away.

However it just so happens that Rhett's leash gave him the freedom of running around the building without constantly holding my hand which is like pure torture for him.


Stick the kid in an oven and turn it on 450 for 2 hours and he wouldn't even flinch, but ask him to hold your hand while you're walking with him and not around any cars? Well that's just cruel and unusual punishment.

He had freedom yet I had control so I wasn't running after him the whole time, and he wasn't biting little boys who have potty mouths.

'Nuff said.


The Simmons Family said...

I wish we had an aquarium in Phoenix! I can't wait to go to San Fransisco ... they have got to have something like that... right?

I think the leash is GENIOUS! I would have totally bought one for Kamryn, but she wouldn't leave my side for a second... I'm talking GLUED to my hip.. still it.

My neice was more of a wanderer and I love the freedom they get to do their own thing and you dont' have to worry.

Oh and little boy... he doesn't bite, but MOM does! :)


Ann said...

That aquarium looks amazing! So glad y'all had fun.

We have a similar leash that we used for Jonathan only his is a puppy. We used it when we had an 8 hour layover in Chicago. I wanted him to be free but no too free in an airport that big. It keeps our kids safe!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Swoon! Rhett is just such adorable cuteness! I love the one where he's trying to climb in. And licking the glass. Oh heck, I love them all!

I am so LOLing at you telling that kid the leash is so Rhett wouldn't bite him! DH was reading over my shoulders and he says we have to remember that line. :)

3saints said...

Those pictures are priceless...oh my he is so handsome!
I love the biting comment, we've been having some real struggles lately with people asking why our son is so small and on newest response is "he can hear you, and he can talk" I guess some people don't get that what they say can hurt would think this would be pretty basic! ;)
Honestly....if he did go to bite him I would have secretly been cheering! :)

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

He looks like he had so much fun and honestly, if I had known about a leash 3 years ago, my first one would have had one too!

Rhett is going up so quickly!

summergibbs said...

I have the exact same "leash" for my two-year old and one day this kid said "look mom, there's a monkey on that boy's back!" I thought it was funny. And they're so nice because you're kid can get away from you, but not away from you. Trust me, I've seen parents do worse.

Lacey said...

People freak out over a leash, but no one says anything about the kids running wild with no parental supervision. Go figure.

Niksmom said...

Love these pictures! And the mohawk! HOW CUTE!

We have the doggie leash; we are *so* using that sucker tomorrow when we go to Sesame Place! I loved your answer to the snotty kid. Perfect!

Colleen said...

Well, I dunno, I just love the pictures!! Not only b/c they have Rhett in them, but I am in love with anything ocean/water related!! So I am wishing I was there with you enjoying all those beautiful sea creatures! Looks like it was a really good time! :)

Anonymous said...

Pam..I wish I could have been there to tell "snotty mom" to take a deep breath and bend over. Sorry, but people like her send me over the edge, too bad her child is taking on her personality. My own son had a leash on when we would go to the mall or places with alot of people..he loved to run!!! You guys are amazing.. Susie

Four the Boys...Tami said...

I have never had a leash for any of my kids, but Thatch is going to be the one that needs it. He thinks heis 10 years old, just like his brother and is totally unaware of anything that he is not fascinated with....except anyone wearing scrubs or any place that LOOKS like a doctors office- then he sticks to me like glue. I ove the monkey one,where did you get it?
As always Pam, you are so quick going to have to use that line myself when the opportunity arises.
Glad to see Rhetts yummy little face, OH! and I LOVE the "hawk"!

LisaL said...

Too flipping hilarious!!! I think I would have wet myself if I was standing next to you when you said that to the other boy!!! Too funny!!! That is sooooo something I would have said! I used to use a leash on my oldest when he was Rhett's age... best invention EVER! I even used it on the field trip with his Early Childhood class. The teacher thought I was crazy until about 30 min into the trip. Then she was a believer!! Let's just say she was happy that I was the one dealing with my hyper child instead of her! Ours didn't have the cute little monkey though. Glad you had a great trip!

I sent you an email earlier this week - did you happen to see it? Not sure if I used the right address.

Shelly said...

Aww. Great Pictures!

BTW- his hair looks good! Nice save!

MJMILLS said...

Don't you wonder if parents teach their kids anything these days!?!? Sheesh. I've got a leash for my lil one too. muah ah ah. If you're ever in vegas, you gotta go to the Mirage and see the dolphins and linos and stuff! he'd love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the aquarium. We went about a year ago. I was actually disappointed. I thought it was grossly over-priced. JMO

Caleb hates the leash (and holding hands). For him, the leash is punishment.:)


heather said...

I found you on the T21 Traveling Afghan page. I guess we both live in Utah. Rhett is adorable. I also get the leash comments with Morgan and it drives my husband crazy--he hates the leash. But I am with you--it is so worth the freedom and better than always being buckled in a stroller.

Julie said...

I LOVE the leash comment and I'm totally gonna use it (if I can ever get Jack to wear his - flop and drop and scream!).

Shari said...

He is so cute! And ya know, I did the leash too. I had three in three years and it was like triplets at times. And, it saved my oldest's life twice. Glad he got to go to the aquarium. :-)

Grace said...

It sounds like you had a blast. I get the same reaction about leashes. Good greif some people are such idiots! They act like you are a bad parent for using one, all the while their little demon child running through the mall. Alone. Becase the sorry parents are such dumb bums and dont seem to care what happens to them.

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