Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rhett's Stompin Grounds....

Ever wonder where Rhett hangs out all day? I thought we would give you a tour. He has two rooms that he plays in since we all squished into this three bedroom condo. I actually have to keep him out of his room because all of his medical equipment is in there.

Rhett + Medical Equipment = Naughty

Like today? He ate, not just chewed, but ate his sensor for his oxygen saturation monitor.

You know, just in case you were wondering what little Rhett Bird's are made out of.

Seriously. I couldn't make this stuff up.

Rhett's favorite place to hang out is in the living room. That's where his TV is, and where we watch oodles and oodles of Signing Time, Spongebob, iCarly, and CSI.

Okay, so maybe I watch CSI when Rhett takes a nap. But all of the other shows are Rhett's favorites. Especially iCarly. He can totally sing the theme song, well, actually he can sing all of the theme songs, but iCarly is the fav right now.

I'm getting side tracked here. On to the photos...

This is the living room where his TV and slide are. The shelf above the slide holds his Make A Wish box that has his special key to the wishing room inside it, as well as the wishes that our family have written down for him. There is also, the saying Live Laugh and Love, written on some blocks, and above that is the word Believe. The star hanging on the wall says Believe on it was well. The pictures off to the side of the shelf are of Rhett when he was in the NICU, as well as a picture of him the day he came home, lying next to our cordless phone. Ya, he was the size of a phone.

Next is the other side of the living room looking into the kitchen. The blocks on the wall say Faith, and the picture above the arch is of Rhett the day before he had his open heart surgery. The pictures below the Faith blocks are some of my favorites of all of our little baby birds...that really aren't baby birds anymore...In the archway itself is another Believe saying, as well as one that says, Faith, Hope, and Pray. The Winnie The Pooh was a gift to me from one of my High School teachers when Dakota was born. We all LOVE that Winnie The Pooh. He's one of us.

This is where the recliners and love seat are. Some of Rhett's toys live behind the recliner. On the wall is an iron heart hanging from a red ribbon to represent the strength of Rhett's heart since being repaired over 2 years ago. On the black shelf with the star is another Believe sign, and then a picture of Chloee, and above that is the word Faith again.

This is where Rhett's trike hangs out. He doesn't get to ride it too often outside, so he mostly rides it in the house. Andy's deer is hanging on the wall, as well as his Buffalo drawing, and his clock on the wall that has panda bears on it. Andy's nick name is Anda Panda Green Bear Bird. So Panda Bears are kind of his thing. Then there is our key rack which says Live A Good Life. This is our reminder as we walk out the door to remember to live each day to it's fullest.

This is the kitchen, which is where our little turkey likes to pull things out of drawers and throw things in the sink. He also likes to eat in there for some reason....haven't quite figured that one out yet....Notice no chairs around the kitchen table? That's so he can't get up there and do a table dance. They are all stacked away in the corner.

This is another shot of the kitchen, with emphasis on the oven. Rhett loves to look in the glass and pull faces. Then he will get right up to it and say, "Ittle Boy!! Are you???" Which means that he wants to know where the little boy is in the glass. He hasn't quite caught on that it's him in there. But don't tell him, because it might just break his heart that he doesn't have a friend.

Okay, and last but not least, here is the little dude last week as I went in to put his oxygen on him. Hims sleeps in a big boy bed now, and he doesn't even fall out on his melon. Hunter and him share a room and he sleeps on the bottom bunk. Sigh. He's growing up.

Our family motto has been Faith and Believe and Faith since Rhett was born. We have all sorts of reminders all over the house to remind us that we have a little miracle living amongst us.

Of course the Believe motto also helps me to remember to believe in my I believe that one day my kids will eventually learn how to clean up after themselves.

Cause sometimes on those really bad days, I need a kick in the butt to remember that everything I am doing I am doing for a reason. I want my kids to know that they can be anything they want to be, and that we are here behind them 110%.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that we chose this life before we came to this earth. We didn't come into it blind. I am so thankful for all of the little miracles in my life.


MJMILLS said...

I love that virtual tour! My daughter also plays with her friend in the oven! That is so funny! I thought that was so funny that he does that too! I wonder if every kid does???? Are you in Utah? We are headed there this whole next week. Lemme go see your profile to check/....sorry if I look stupid and you're not even from there!!! heehee

Lacey said...

What a cute kitchen. Its really sad that I've been in my house since August and you have more stuff on your walls then me. I might need your help to decorate.

AZ Chapman said...

thanks for the tour wish I could see it in person

RK said...

I have literally hundreds of panda bears as I've had a panda nickname for all my life too! How funny!

If you need more, I'd be more than happy to ship you several boxes of them. I've thinned out my collection a ton, but I've still got like 40+ stuffed bears and 50+ figurines and wall art and such. (At one point I had over 100 figurines and over 80 stuffed bears....ridiculous!)

I love the pics of your's fun to be able to picture Mr. Cutie playing on his slide!

Heart Mommy said...


I loved the tour. What a tidy gal. I can't seem to find your email... So would you email me then I can email you?

Thanks Lady

Stephanie said...

Aiden has also discovered the kid that lives in the oven. They played "pat-a-cake" last night.

Holly said...

What an awesome tour! Love the kitchen cabinets.

Carter Family said...

Excuse Me, But I don't see my room anywhere being mentioned lol... I love the pics and the Faith everywhere...

My Three Sons said...

I love the your house. The oak in the kitchen is wonderful. I would like to someday redo my kitchen and make it all will probably be when all three boys are out of school.

As for eating the sensor, how that go? Carson hasn't tried that yet so I better keep him away from this blog. haha

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