Monday, March 30, 2009

Glow In The Dark Snot Anyone?

Hopefully you weren't eating when you read that title, but truth be told that's what Rhett and I are wearing right now.

Rhett's sick. He's got green creepy crawly crap coming out of his nose his eyes, and his throat. His lungs sound yucky, and he's just plain miserable.

He has been bathing both of us in snot all day. I have suctioned him to no end and it doesn't help but for an hour or so. During that hour he is sleeping, but yet tossing and turning at the same time.

I hate it when he's like this. Generally for most people snot isn't too terribly scary, but Rhett likes to aspirate his, and well....I'm not too keen on the idea that he will more than likely end up with pneumonia.

Today has been a day of me pacing the floor, holding his little hands, and rubbing his feet. We have read his favorite book 'Hand Hand Finger Thumb' about 15 bajillion times. I have tried to read other ones but he just grabs them out of my hands and throws them on the floor. Then he gets off my lap and goes into his bedroom and gets his Jack book. (Hello Jack ,Hello Jake, shake hands, shake hands, shake, shake, shake!) I'm going to be dreaming of monkey's tonight.

Tonight as I sit and type, the hum and the little puffs from the oxygen concentrator fill my ears. He's getting more oxygen than normal, so the puffs come faster than they usually do. The pulse ox keeps beeping whenever he turns onto his back, because his nose fills up and his oxygen levels drop. I listen to him cough and gasp, as he realizes that he has to breath through his mouth. More than likely I will sleep in the recliner with him tonight so that he can be propped up.

He missed school today.

It made him sad. He knew he was supposed to go. He kept going to my bedroom window and watching for the bus. He'd put his pudgy little hands on the window and ask me when his bus was coming.

Colds for so many kids are just colds. But for us? It always leaves us wondering if it's going to turn into something more. Something that is going to land us in the hospital again.

For now we will just sit and wait it out, watching him carefully and loving on him every minute of the day.


Crysm said...

I sure hope he gets to feeling better fast.

Ann said...

Praying he feels better soon. And hoping you are getting frequent showers that aren't of snot ;)

Wendy's Mom said...

I am so sorry to hear about Rhett not feeling well. Unfortunately sleeping in the recliner would be the best thing for Rhett so that he will not aspirate his secretions. Unfortunately for Mommy it is not the best night sleep though.
I wish I could offer more suggestions but right now I just cannot think of any. They use to give kids stuff to dry up the snot but if it is green then that is a sign of infection so now days they like to get it out of them. LOL!! Have they started the poor kid on antibiotics yet?

Sorry I am not more helpful.
BTW, whatever happen to the chance of him getting that Hospital like bed so he could sleep elevated? Document this time of having to sleep in recliner. You might need it for an appeal later.
Wish I was there so I could be Rhett's personal RT and help him out. LOL!


Herrin Family said...

Sorry to hear Rhett is having such a rough time. We've had the goo here and I've been nursing a hubby with bronchitis. We will be adding Rhett to our prayers...hang in there buddy!

coffeemomof2 said...

Hope you get to feeling better Rhett. Hang in there Pam. Love and hugs.

Tiff said...

Poor guy! And Poor mommy! I hope he gets better fast that's no fun. My son was a preemie and when he gets sick we always end up in the hospital. I'll keep him in my prayers!

Imsavimsa said...

Green = bacteria yellow = virus, were talking snot here. But you probably already knew that. Hugs!

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