Monday, March 23, 2009

Could It Be?

I'm not quite sure why, but I have had writers block lately. It seems like there isn't much going on these days.

Well you know, other than sitting here listening to my husband switch back and forth between Ultimate Combat Fighting, and some silly western movie on TV.

Seriously~This is my life people.

I remember writing a post a while back on Rhett's previous blog about how I longed for a boring life. A life filled with no drama, no major health issues, no hospital trips in the middle of the night, you know, kind of a normal life.

Well it seems that I have gotten my wish. <----Totally knocking on wood here.

Things are good. They are settling down, and we are getting back into a regular rhythm again.

I get up in the morning, feed the kids, send them off to school, get Andy off to work, and then I go about my day doing normal person things until the kids come home from school.

I know. It sounds so funny that I say normal person things, but you have to remember that for the last three years I have been given a crash course on health care that I really didn't plan on taking.

I mean, ya, I still have to suction, give meds, change dressings, mix up feeds, hook up the feeding pump, monitor oxygen saturation's, put oxygen on my favorite little three year old at night, and calculate calories, and all that jazz. But see, that's normal for me now. It's part of who I am. Who Rhett is, who our whole family is.

It's normal for Rhett to have a bath every night, and for Hunter to sit down with him and play patty cake or the itsy bitsy spider while I put Rhett's dressing around his G-tube site.

It's normal for Chloee to sit on the counter and read to me while I'll figure out how much Rhett has eaten orally for the day, subtract that from what he needs, and supplement him with his formula at night through his feeding tube.

It's just a typical night in our house to listen to the steady hum of the oxygen concentrator as we sleep. It's become soothing and peaceful in a way. A security of sorts, knowing that our little buddah is sleeping in his bed, and that his oxygen helps his heart relax.

I mean, this kid is kicking some serious Pulmonary Hypertension butt here.

So although some would think that we are still in the midst of craziness when they look at our floating ER of a house, well, for us it's life. It's how things are. It's normal.

I am super happy with the way things are going.

Things are boring, and I like that. It's nice not to have an elephant sitting on my chest, and a knot in my stomach, all the while wondering what is coming next.

We haven't been out doing anything exciting, but we are loving every minute of sitting at home being a family. I can't think of anything else I would rather do.

So sorry for not posting exciting things, we aren't doing anything exciting.....and I love it.


Carter Family said...

I am so happy for you guys that things are finally "boring". I long for the boring days...

I am so happy for my Buddah and all his shining moments right now...

And I am so happy and proud for you.. You are doing amazing things and because of all your hard work... Your finally getting boring for a little while

Mrs. C said...

Yay for boring! :]

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

Boring is WONDERFUL! Question: have you been giving Rhett night feeds thru his g-tube since he got it or is that a new thing? Does it seem to help him gain weight? What "formula" are you using?

Nathan's having weight gaining issues and we're seeing the dietician at Primary's on Wednesday. I'm looking to change things up. He doesn't take anything orally and so I'd like to know what's working for you guys.

Lacey said...

How nice to have quiet. And the things other people think would be a pain we are just used to. I think I would be bored if I didn't have to set up feeds, give meds and give shots at bedtime. I would have nothing to do.

Kelly Zimm said...

Cheers to boring!!
So happy to hear things are settling down for you guys! (I'll go ahead and knock on some wood too!)
Have a great day!

ShaRhonda said...

Pam, never be sorry for not having an "exciting" post. Life is just that and the fact that you are able to write your thoughts and feelings is an exciting process...
Thanks for sharing!

MJMILLS said...

I think that's exciting enough!

Anonymous said...

I am super excited for your boring life Pam!! Even if you just post the same boring post everyday, none of us would mind!! (As long as you post or twitter lol)!!

Huge wonderful (((hugs))) for boring!


Lindsay said...

Hi! I'm just stopping in from the UBP! I love your signature btw, - it's so cute! Well I'm off to do some more reading - hope you have a great day! :)

Also, I'm running a giveaway for an M. Avery Shoulder Bag right now, please feel free to stop by my blog and enter if you're interested!! :) What mom doesn't want a new purse? hehe

COOLWHIP said...

Lucky. All I have to say, is Lucky. Enjoy it. Even my boring, is filled with something. Between Eva, who's almost 4, and Emma who just turned 1, it is never slow. And if it is slow, I can bet there will be a mess to clean up. But, I don't long for boring. What would I do with myself.

Mrs Wibbs said...

so so glad...!!

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