Thursday, January 15, 2009

Somethings Missing.....

What's missing from this picture?

Did ya guess yet?

It's coming........

Wait for it.......

Cause you know, this kid likes to do things big around here.

More often than not Chicken Little can be found running/toddling/waddling...whatever it is he does exactly, because I really don't have a name for it....with his head down looking at the ground.

However getting around like this, with ones head down, doesn't necessarily mean that you watch for things in your path.

Like say, oh, your older brothers snow boots that were left in the middle of the walkway~

FYI, I am soooo not going to even go there, because I have only told him and the rest of the kids, that someone is going to get hurt if they don't pick up their shoes.

So.....apparently I have physic powers or something, because whaddaya know, last night Chicken Little goes running/toddling/waddling into the kitchen with his head in the assumed position and trips over the snow boots mentioned above.

Now I know Chicken Little is a bird and all, but I had no clue he could actually fly. He literally went a foot off the ground, arms spread out, flapping and everything...and took a crash landing right on the ceramic tile right onto his face.

At first I thought he just bit his lip and hurt his nose. He was bleeding pretty profusely, but his bottom lip was cut, and there was no way he was going to let my fingers anywhere near his mouth without him wanting to keep part of them for a midnight snack.

Since I am sort of attached to my fingers, I decided to let it be until he went to sleep. However when Big Bird got home and they got into their nightly tickle match, he noticed that Chicken Little was missing a good portion of his front tooth. (Sure, I stick my fingers around his mouth and he wants to make nuggets out of them, but get Big Bird around and he can stick his fingers anywhere he wants- Next time Chicken Little needs a suppository guess who gets to do it?)

I spent the next hour looking for the tooth. Since it was nowhere to be found, (however I did find a puppy tooth from my sisters dog, a penny, a Polly pocket shoe, and some Pringles ground up into the carpet), I decided that we wouldn't be able to save it. So really, there was no use calling the dentist till this morning.

When we woke up bright and early at, ahem....10 am....I called up to PCMC and they fit us in for a 12:00 appointment.

Yes~ I had to drive all the way up to Salt Lake because Chicken Little doesn't have a dentist down here. It's pointless since if he ever needs anything done he has to go up to PCMC anyways because of his history.

We got up there and they were trying to decide if they should pull it right then and there, however Chicken Little helped make that decision for them when he clamped down on the dentists finger and wouldn't let go.

-It's been a long time since I've seen a grown man with tears in his eyes.

After Chicken Little let go of poor Mr. Dentist, and we peeled him off the ceiling, he chose to just cover the tooth and the exposed nerve, give him some pain meds, and some antibiotic, and just pull the tooth when he goes into the OR on the 11th of February.

If for any reason Chicken Little starts hurting and won't sleep through the night...Pfthhh, does this kid EVER sleep through the night?...then we are to drive back up to the ER so they can quickly sedate him and pull the tooth.

Cause you know, we wouldn't want any other fingers harmed from our baby vampire.

~Don't you dare stick your fingers anywhere near my mouth...

Sedating him can be tricky though since he likes to collapse his airway and forget to breathe whenever they do a quick sedation. So we are keeping all of our fingers and toes crossed that the pain meds and antibiotic can hold us over until the 11th.

Between this, his accident at the grocery store, and his forehead having a perma bruise in the middle of it from him head banging, I am surprised Child Protective Services isn't knocking at my door. keep your comments to yourself... ;)

In the meantime, anyone got a plastic bubble they wanna share?


Shari said...

Pam: I am sorry. The way you wrote this I am giggling away. Poor Rhett. He has to concentrate so hard to walk and then gets beat up likes he's in a boxing match.

Megan NcCarterFamily said...

Poor ol' Rhett, The worse part was he never even saw it comming... I agree with Shari the way you put a spin on your situations they always make me giggle a little. You know you have enough to fill a book or two or atleast a sitcom!!c

Niksmom said...

Poo little guy! Give him a kiss for me! xo

Anonymous said...

From someone with experience (I've had two kids bump their front teeth and get infections) watch for little white blisters on Rhett's gums. And it might not be by his broken tooth, it might be by his other tooth.

You probably won't have a problem since he's already on antibiotics.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Poor Rhett!!! Ouch! We have a problem with Kennedy walking and looking down lately too. Praying hard he makes it through until the 11th!

Heather said...

Oh,Pam .. you still make me smile through it all.Why I don't know cuz I feel so darn bad for the little guy and you sometimes too.Enough already.

Kari said...

Poor lil guy!!! Breaks my heart!!! Extra snuggles! Get writing that book girl it'll be a best seller!

David and 'Becca Black said...

William has taken to putting a towl or piece of clothing over his face/head and running around blind. He ran into the crib in his room like that tonight and bloodied his lower lip. Thankfully his teeth are still there.

Jaxsons Fight said...

Okey dokey, blankie it is, I will look for a cute farm animal one. I also just picked up so way cute Thomas material. Let me know if he would like that too.

Jaxsons Fight said...

Sorry I really should proof read stuff, some way cute Thomas the train material

Ann said...

Never a dull moment at your house. I think its a little hysterical that he bit the dentist. I must admit I've wanted to bit the dentist once or twice. Praying it can wait until February.

Unfortunately putting shoes away doesn't get any better when teenagers turn into adults. JD and I trip over my husbands shoes all the time and he's almost 27.

AZ Chapman said...

ouch that nmust hurt get well soon Rhett

Wendy's Mom said...

OH NOO!! Poor little guy!! I know that hurt so much but I can imagine how much it freaked out Mommy too. I hope he does okay until the 11th.


Aimee said...

Poor little guy. Ava's pretty accident prone herself. In fact, I told work the other day that I was suprised they hasn't sent someone to my house yet and heck... you know where I work.

So... I'm so laughing at the last comment and can't hardly stop!

All 4 My Gals said...

I love your humor and I know it's what gets you through and your family happy. Poor baby boy. Praying for a slew of guardian angels to surround him. Oh I think they already are. Much love, Nicole

My Three Sons said...

Well I know how you feel. I love how you can make humor out of your long day. I try to do that as well. If not, I'll go crazy. Tell them kids to keep everything off of the floor or I'll come out with some serious tickles for all of them.

I'll be praying for Feb 11th to work out.


Kaci and Carson

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

awwwwwwwwwwww the poor little lovey!!!! {{{HUGS}}}

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