Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday......

Sit back and relax, grab a cup of your favorite poison, and read all about my week of stuff that I did not do, nor would ever admit to doing.

While driving by our new condo earlier this week to show my sister where we will be living, I totally did not blow through a 4 way stop and have 3 different cars honk at me.

I would never not clean my house because we are getting ready to move and I feel like it's a total lost cause anyways.

While listening to my kids back talk, (who taught them to talk anyways?) I did not blow a gasket and tell (okay fine, I did not yell at them either), them to shut their mouths before I super glued them shut on my own.

When Rhett ran out of onesies this week I did not run to Babies R Us and buy him some new ones just because I didn't want to sort through the laundry and find the dirty ones to wash them.

I also did not find a bunch of onesie long sleeve shirts there on clearance for less than $4.00 and so therefore I did not buy those either.

I did not let Rhett climb in the nasty kennel with the uppies and play with them and shake them upside down.

I also did not laugh my butt off when one of the uppies latched on to his big toe and started sucking, sending him into a tizzy of screaming "NO UPPIES!!! NO!!! DON'T!!!" (Then as he is hysterically crying in between sobs he says, "Bad oggy!!" to the uppies mommy. Why do the mommies always get blamed for everything?)

And, today when Dakota's bus didn't show up to pick him up I didn't let him play hookie from school because I was too tired to get my not lazy butt up out of bed and take him.

What did you not do this week?


Ally in Wonderland said...

I did not leave you love on my blog!

Wayne said...

I lve the pictures, great not me monday

My Three Sons said...

I did not drive my car without Carson and played signing times video out of habit and sing the "do you know the colors on the rainbow" for about 15 minutes before I realized that I could listen to whatever I wanted!!

Can I borrow the super glue your mouths line? That is a classic.

AmandaS said...

I did not leave my kids in their carseats sitting in the van with it running to go inside and get my dog from my brother in law to have Lily somehow, Climb out of her carseat, lock me out and turn the stereo ALL the way up while playing Katy Perrys CD, calling my hubby on the phone looking like a complete blonde in front of 2 guys, while trying to get Ryan to unlock his door. Before checking ALL the doors of my van to see that one was still somehow unlocked! All the while watching Lily put herself back into her carseat, seatbelt and all pretending she is not in trouble and doesn't know how any of that just happened. NOPE! Not me!

Ellen said...
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Ellen said...

Greetings! I came to visit because you were a fellow blog-award winner from Ally in Wonderland, and I like her taste in bloggers.:) This post made me smile. This week, I did not heat up a Stouffer's lasagna and then put it into a cookware dish so they would think it was homecooked. I did not consume the entire box of evil coconut patties I brought home from our trip to Florida. I did not use spit to put my contact lens back in my eye when it fell out at work. I did not respond, when my daughter told me that I was "mean," "I AM THE MEANEST MOMMY EVER! SO YOU BETTER JUST LISTEN TO ME!" I did not mistakenly delete a comment I had just put on your blog. And I did not stay up until 1:41 a.m. online. :)

Becca said...

Hahaha! I love your "not me Mondays!"

Megan NcCarterFamily said...

I did not forget about the laundry twice on the same load! I also didn't bribe my kids with desert, The list could go on about what I didn't do! I also didn't go behind a mothers back this week and start to teach her son along with the other kids at preschool ASL to help me, help them! Thats one thing I didn't do.. Take that back Im glad I did IT!! I love the uppies and Rhett just too cute!

Pam said...

OK. I'm totally onboard with the whole just going and buying a new one thing when it's easier then sorting through the mountains of laundry and THEN having to wash it all. Babies R Us here I come! Been there, done that.

The super glue is PRICELESS!

And Rhett looks absolutely adoarable amongst all the Uppies!

Great ones!

Anonymous said...

A VERY enjoyable list of what you did NOT do.

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