Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday....

I have been following MckMamma for a while now. I can't remember how I found her, but she is amazing, and Stellan is nothing short of a miracle. Kind of reminds me of Rhett. I kind of connected with her in a way that only mom's of little miracles can connect. She is honest too. I like that.

So I have decided to join the Not Me Monday bandwagon.

(In My Best Cheerleader Voice...)



I totally did not pick a flaky booger out of Rhett's nose last night as he was going to sleep and fling it on the floor because I didn't want to get up and get a Kleenex and risk him waking up. I would never do anything like that. Ever.

I didn't get rid of some of Chloee's toys that, if she would have known I was getting rid of them, totally flipped out. I would be a bad mom if I ever did something like that.

I didn't slip on the big lake of ice at the bottom of our driveway. The whole neighborhood didn't see my ungracefulness--is that even a word?!?--as my feet went a hundred mph as I tried to catch myself then ended up on my butt. Nope, not me. ---(No butts or any other body parts for that matter were harmed in the creating of this incident...just some pride)--

I did not decide that rather than taking pictures of a bunch of things and selling them on KSL that it would just be much easier to post it on feecycle since it will go faster and be out of my house sooner. We need the money so I promise, I didn't do it.

Last but not least, I am not addicted to Twitter. I can stay away from it, and I don't tweet from my phone, nor do I obsessively check it at least 150 times a day....and I am not in denial about it.


Ann said...

I love not me Monday. I didn't do it this week since we just got home but I'll be back on the bandwagon next week for sure!

My Three Sons said...

Very cute. I've got to say, I'd like it if you could come clean out some of my boys games and toys. (since you seem to be getting good at it and then I wouldn't be the bad guy. LOL )

Joe and Leanna said...

ROFL!! Ask 'Ann' if she 'really' didn't do Not Me Monday or is she just saying she DID NOT do it?

And, I am NOT so addicted to Twitter either!! LOL

pam said...

Love your Not Me Mondays.

I hope your household gets well again soon.

little.birdy said...

Hehe, Not Me Monday is a fun idea! I hope everyone feels better soon. :)

Teddybear said...

Pam I love the idea of Not Me Monday... that is a great thing.

Prayers continue for everyone to feel better. Love Deb

Ally in Wonderland said...

I LOVE IT!!! I'll have to remember Not Me Monday for next week!!!

And don't worry about all the things you didn't do. Since you *didn't do them* it doesn't matter!! :)

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Too funny! I do the same thing with our belongings. I am too lazy to post them on Craigslist most of the time, so I use Freecycle to get rid of the stuff faster. I have to say, it's been real rewarding as I have gotten lots of essentials from fellow freecyclers. Yes, we could use the money too but I hate to be in the mood to clean things out only to have the stuff sit...and sit for days to come.

Lots of fun to read and I love MckMamma too! Stellen is such a cutie!

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