Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher

It seems we are changing a lot these days.

~We changed Rhett's formula....

~ We are moving from a 5 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom condo.....

~We have changed Rhett's meds for his Pulmonary Hypertension.....

~Hunter's Asthma is back, so we have added his meds into the mix of our daily routine...

Lot's of stuff going on.

Now I am thinking of another big change.

Rhett's always been sensitive to disposable diapers. He always has a rash where the elastic goes around his legs, and if I don't keep a barrier cream between his skin and where the diaper touches he gets a rash there as well.

Lately his skin seems to be breaking down even with the barrier cream. I have tried every diaper out there known to man except cloth.

So this is the next adventure in our home. I am going to switch over to cloth to see if his poor bummy can catch a break. I had hoped that by this time he would be potty trained so it wouldn't have to come to this. But he just isn't ready.

--I mean he's totally ready to flush as much toilet paper as he can down the toilet, he's totally ready to pee all over my walls and floor just like every other boy in my house, but he's not ready to go in the toilet.

So here is where I need you oh faithful blog readers.

What brand is best for cloth diapers? What type is the easiest to do? Do you use cloth wipes as well? Is organic better than regular?

Have any of you actually survived cloth diapers?

The attending Dr in the PICU recommended them to me after one of our many stays, as we were discussing it. I wasn't too into the the idea of it, but things are just getting worse.

~Who am I kidding, I'm still not too into the idea of it. Somebody out there, puh-lese convince me.

I have ordered a couple of Bumkins, and I am hoping they work.


I am also probably totally crazy.


Niksmom said...

Before you go whole hog on the cloth ones...what kind of wipes are you using? Diapers? We found Nik would get awful rashes if we used *any* kind of scented/additive/etc stuff. Switched to totally unscented (no aloe or anything) wipes and plain pullups (pampers easy-ups come in ones that don't do all the stupid cool-this, wet-that, color-change crap)...end of problem.

Um, if you've tried all that already...can't help ya. Sorry. :-(

Niksmom said...

Forgot to add, we switched Nik to the easy-ups b/c the diapers are all scented these days. GAG.

My Three Sons said...

Love the quote. As far as diapers, I can't help you. I use the huggies natural care wipes and cruiser pampers. So sorry.

But you can still give Rhett a big smootch of me.

Pam said...

Niksmom: Yeah tried that...he still get's rashes. I HATE scented diapers too.


Kaci: Done...smootches given ;)

Anonymous said...

I am in the process of switching my daughter over to cloth - we currently have Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diapers. They are really nice and easy to use - you stuff the pocket with inserts, so they dry quickly in the dryer. You can use baby washclothes for wipes (the thin ones) - they work pretty good and are cheap! When you wash your diapers, make sure that you don't use any fabric softeners or bleach on them.
diaperswappers.com is a forum that is very helpful, the moms there are great.
Hope this helps a bit.

denversavage said...

Janel here. I think the cloth is a good choice to try for a few reasons. He could have an allergy to the plastic of the diaper, or the lining OR it could be the various formulas he has/is on? A Pediatric GI/Allergy doc, if you can find/have one should be able to help determine if there is a food allergy that is an ingridient in medical formulas. If there is, that could be reason for all the GI upset he has, plus his stools and urine could be high in acidity. Just a thought. A really good GI Dietitian can be of help too. Try your children's hospital, and if you have no luck, I can recommend someone from Denver Children's hospital. I also know of a great GI/Allergy guy here if you need that too.

Rhett sure is a little gem! what a blessing he must be!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

It's very brave of you to go cloth. I mean it's a little more work but if that's what helps, then do it. However, I had similar issues with Emmy. We went to Seventh Generation diapers and they worked like a charm. They were not any higher in price than Huggies and I could order them online. If you haven't tried them, maybe you can. They are organic, chlorine free and all that good stuff. If you do try them, by one size bigger than you normally do. They run a little small.

Good Luck with all the changes!

Ally in Wonderland said...

ok, I don't have kids, but I did read this really cute article by a Stay At Home Dad about "G" diapers. They are organic, but of all the brands he tried, they were the easiest. From what I remember, something about a cloth diaper with disposable inserts. I hope this helps! I feel bad for poor Rhetts heiny!

AZ Chapman said...

I made it over here Looks like Dakota and I have another thing in common We both take Zoloft If y somehow find a way to tell the kids why D needs different punishments and stuff let me know My family might be able to use it with Book gal and Princess

Herrin Family said...

My son had the same problem - and at 14 continues to be sensitive. BAG BALM is the only barrier that worked and healed. Have you tried that?

Aimee said...

Oh Pam... good luck to you on this one. Ava did have some problems with her bottom when she was little and I could only use anything unscented and sensative wipes. I was told to try some organic diapers but I never tried them since the huggies worked for us. Let me know if I can help you with anything. ((HUGS))

Shari said...

I used cloth with Curtis. Bum Genius or (I think it's called) Fuzzie Buns? Go to Craigslist and you can get a ton of them for near nothing. Don't buy new or you will go broke. Curtis couldn't use disposable either for the very same reason.

Sis Sarah said...

I was going to suggest Craigs list too and bag balm is wonderful stuff. You can find it at Smiths Marketplace

Anonymous said...

I know, I've been reading long enough, I should know this, but what formula is Rhett on? I was thinking pediasure, but I can't remember for sure now. But I'm starting to think along the lines of allergy/intolerance to his formula /diet as well. I would try and look into that, esp now that he has insurance again.

But as for cloth diapers, I've wanted to try them for a while now, but I'm really lazy lately, lol (I'm gonna blame it on having a 11 month old, and being 35 weeks pg LOL). But diaperswappers is a good place to start for information and such. I don't have any specifics on brands or anything but I do know there are alot of places on the web that have patterns if you're feeling not busy enough to try and sew your own.. :p

Otherwise, as far as specifics in cloth diapers, what I've read/ heard about AIOs (all in ones), make me want to try and go that path, if I ever get around to actually trying them.

Also, Amber and Amy from mwp are still somewhat available to get a hold of to ask questions of. If you haven't gotten the new url for mwp its www.setbb.com/momswearingpuke

I hope you're able to figure something out for Rhett's rashes, that sounds absolutely miserable!!


Wendy's Mom said...


My heart goes out to you on having to change Rhett to cloth diapers. From experience from using them with other kids you will need to have several on hand otherwise you will have to wash at least once a day and more other days. LOL!! Of course having cloth with a pooping baby is not fun but hopefully with the formula change that will help some.
I think the fuzzi bun or something like that are supposedly really nice. Good luck on this.
Hopefully it will not be to bad after you get started.
Hopefully you can get him potty trained before long too. I know that will help you a lot.

I also agree with the person recommending the Allergist if he is not already seeing one.

What meds are they putting him on for his PH? Have they done Heart Cath or Echo lately to see what his pressures are? They probably have and I just forgot. LOL!! Sorry about that!

Keep us posted!


Pam said...

Stacy~ LOVE using the super thin wash cloths for wipey's they are GREAT. I will have to order a fuzzi bunz and see if I like it....hoping to get some help from family....sigh.

Janel~ I thought formula for a while, but Rhett's on Elecare now, and it's hypoallergenic. He is actually doing much better and his poopies have nearly stopped. We follow up with his GI specialist at the end of the month.

Also~ He gets rashes wherever they diapers touch him, even if it's on the outside of him, which makes me belive that it is the actual diaper themselves. If that makes sense :P

Izzy N Emmy's mom~ (I totally just had a brain fart and can't remember your name...AHH!) We tried those as well, and he smelled like he was marinating in pee. I wanted to barf. Yet my friend that has a girl uses them and they don't stink. I guess I just have a stinky kid??? ;)

Ally~ I looked into these...LOVE them!! A bit pricey, but may just be worth a shot. Thinkng of doing a fundraiser w/ Andy's art to make the switch....

AZ~ I keep telling Dakota he needs to go check out your blog. You have alot in common. It's hard dealing with a disability and being a teenager. You are doing a great job though, keep it up!!

Herrin Family~ I LOVE Bag Balm. That's what we have been using on his super sores. It's a good barrier ointment...as I am typing this I am wondering if I could use it on his stoma around his g-tube...hmmmmm thanks for the subliminial message!! ;)

Aimee~ I so wish huggies would work. I gave up on wipes a while ago. When are we gonna get together?

Shari~ It was sooo good to talk to you tonight. You are so amazing. I know you say that you're not, but seriously, you are. I looked on craiglist, and found a lady that makes them. She said she would like to help out a bit and do it within our price range....just got her email. So see, you helped me twice tonight!! They didn't have any that were super cheap but these are cute, and she seems really nice. Thanks!!

Sis Sarah~ What's up girl!! Haven't seen you in a while. Thanks for the thoughts...((HUGS))

T~ Thanks for the thoughts, and for the new link to MWP, I need to stop by again. I miss some of the people there. I'm gonna have to check out Diaper swappers. I like the AIO's as well. That's what I ordered.

Ladies, you are all life savers!! Thanks a bunch, Rhett's hiney thanks you too!!

AZ Chapman said...

why not force him to visit then I bet he be hooked come visit

Stephanie said...

Wish I could help, but fortunately we haven't encountered this problem.

Oh, as far as the potty training, have you looked into the Peter Potty? It's a urinal for potty training boys. We have one, but Aiden isn't ready to stand up to pee just yet.

Carey said...

Hey there,we've done cloth off and on,and when Chels goes to school I am going to make her some more. Training pants though,so she can pull them off and on herself. I've bought one off etsy andlike it, it doesn't leak, so I'm going to attempt to recreate them. With any luck I can make some for Rhett too. I'll let you know how much they'll cost to make. Hopefully not too much as I'm broke! We've had a diaper rash for 6 months now...ugh!

jkribbit said...

I don't have any experience with cloth diapers, but I follow another blog


and she just switched over to cloth and loves it. She really makes it sound totally do-able. She is also very friendly and happy to answer any questions - so I would recommend checking out her blog and maybe emailing her.

Good luck with everything!!

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