Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Carousel Ride...

On Friday my sister took Chicken Little, Tweety, and I up to go through the new temple that was just built in Draper. We had a wonderful time and the temple was absolutely beautiful on the inside.

After wards we drove up to South Towne Mall because Tweety and I really wanted Hot Dog on a Stick. ~Seriously they happen to have the best cheese on a sticks evah.

This mall happens to have an awesome carousel as well, and I just happened to have some Clorox wipes on me, so we decided to be adventurous and let Chicken Little and Tweety ride the ponies.

So after the ponies got a nice bath to make him as germ free as possible...(Oh the looks I Chicken Little got to climb onto the pony's back.

~He loved it.

The magic in his eyes as he watched the lights and listened to the music, it was awesome.

I hope that as time goes on and Chicken Little's lungs get better, we can take many more trips up there.

Every child needs a pony to ride ever now and again.


Niksmom said...

How awesome! Nik hates carousels. :-( (Can't be MY kid...)
BTW, Rhett looks mighty dapper in that stylin' vest! ;-)

Lacey said...

Yummy, I might have to go get me one of those today, now my mouth is watering.

My Three Sons said...

Taht is an awesome picture with those beautiful blue eyes. I'm glad he had so much fun. I would be right there with you looking crazy with the wipes as well. Oh well, let them stare.LOL

Kelly Zimm said...

I LOVE this picture of Rhett!
He's such a handsome little guy!

AZ Chapman said...

love the pic

datri said...

There's something magical about carousels. Love the expression. Kayla had a similar one when I first put her on a horse. We'd ridden in the carriages before, but I've been paranoid about putting her on a horse.

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