Monday, January 26, 2009

Addicted, Whaddup Homey, and Hmph.

Hi, my name is Mrs. Tweedy and I have a blogging addiction.

91%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Wow. At least it wasn't 100%. This way I still have some type of goal to work towards.


Today has been quite the uneventful day in our little nest. Chicken Little has made for some serious destruction, but is that really anything new?


Woodstock and Tweety stayed home from school with sore throats but really act okay so their little hiney's will sitting at a desk tomorrow.

Zazu only goes to school for half a day now due to the over stimulation that he gets going a full day, and we lost him for a little while. Turns out he was in the lunch room eating lunch because we didn't have "anything to eat" at our house. We had a nice talk that he is not to eat lunch unless he tells me before hand.

Chicken Little has a new phrase that his older brother's have drilled into his head. For some reason they think it's funny to come up with a phrase and ask him over and over again to say it until he says it to perfection.

Which I guess I shouldn't complain about because really, if you think about it, they are doing wonders for his speech. Last week it was having Chicken Little fold his arms and say "Hmph!" Which when he gets in trouble and does it, it makes it super hard to be mad at him.

Don't believe me? You should try it without busting a gut. I dare ya.

This week it's "Whaddup Homey?"

Only when Chicken Little says it, it sounds more like "Addup Ohmeeee!!"

We have way too much fun around here, but I love the fact that my kids think that the whole world revolves around Rhett. They are just as head over heels in love with him as anyone else I know.

It makes my heart soar, knowing that they see a little brother who can do anything and be anything he wants to be. They see Chicken Little, their little brother, before they see his disability or his health conditions. I think for the most part we all kind of tend to forget that Chicken Little even has Down syndrome.

We can't forget about the health conditions because they are always there. We all spend our days doing dressing changes, (which the kids are a great help with) we are constantly hooking him up to his feeding pump, giving meds, and putting oxygen on.

It's hard to forget about that type of a thing when there is a constant reminder.

But then again, I get down on my knees every night and thank the Lord that he is here, even if it means that he requires a little extra work. Let me tell you, there is nothing that compares to those baby blues staring at me the second I open my eyes in the morning.

Tomorrow we have clinic day up at the hospital. Chicken Little will meet with the Dr's who specialize in Down syndrome, he will see his cardiologist, and have an echo done. We will also be setting up his repeat MRI on his brain to see if that Colloid Cyst has grown anymore.

So please keep our little chicken in your prayers. We are hoping that his pulmonary pressures are still down and that he won't have to have surgery on his little melon.

Thanks in advance for any prayers that go up on our behalf.


My Three Sons said...

Well I will be saying lots of prayers tonight before I go to bed for Rhett. I know that he is going to do just fine with all of his tests. He is such a strong boy.

Cody was out last week two days for sore throat and fever as well so there must be something going around. I hope they are well enough to get back to school tomorrw.

Have a safe trip tomorrow and I will be watching for an update full of GREAT news.

Love you guys.

Kaci and Carson

Megan NcCarterFamily said...

You guys are always in our prayers but we will give chicken little an extra few tonight.

So far we have been blessed with Hunter and Charlie only getting sick durring school breaks for them.

Praying all will go smoothly tomorrow...

All 4 My Gals said...

I'll be praying for your appt tomorrow. HUGS

Lacey said...

Hey we will be up there tommorow too. What time will you be there? Email me and let me know so we can meet up.

Shari said...

I will be praying as Rhett sees the Drs. tomorrow. I pray for your family daily. Please know I am here for you. Love your blog and the funnies, too. The pic of Chicken Little on the carousel is priceless!

tara @ kidz said...

I am definitely sending prayers your way. god bless.

I took that test and is it strange that I was disappointed in getting a low score? I got 71% and I feel like that is a C. I thought for sure I was an A, and possibly A+ blogger addict, but nope - a C. Sad! You're up in the A-range. Go girl!

Ally in Wonderland said...

Dear Lord,

Please keep this family tightly in your hand over the next bit of time. Help the doctors to have watchful eyes and ears to keep Chicken Little as healthy as possible. Please help the rest of us learn from this sweet family what your love truely is. Help us to be like your children and love everyone for who they are, not what they look like or happen to be afflicted with. Help each member of the Bird Flock through their day to live it in your example.


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