Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've GOT to get better at this!!!

Once again, it's been WAAAAYY too long since I have written a blog post. Life has just been twisting and turning so much, I can't seem to keep up with it. Plus our laptop was like going at super prehistoric mode, and it drove me nuts to even think about getting on to post.

Hunter played tackle football this year. He did amazing. He played Defensive End, improving each and every week as he played. Plus he looked SOOOO grown up in his uniform!!!

His whole team.....

Rock on....

He will be going to Football Camp in the summer, and is working on his running for next year.

We made it through Halloween, and we all had a blast.

Rhett was a Hamburger...

It's funny, we have fought so hard to get him to eat, and all the sudden he took to hamburgers like crazy. So it was kind of fitting for this stage in his life. He really got into the Trick or Treating, and ran his little heart out going from house to house. He would yell at people not to scare him, then tell him he'd give them "gestion" (indigestion)

Last weekend was my birthday. It was seriously the BEST birthday ever. Andy took me out to dinner and then surpised me at the bowling alley for a birthday party with all my friends. After that, my sister went home to watch my kids, and Andy and I went to the bar, where we all had a blast. Then Saturday we drove to Wendover and met up with Andy's sister and her sweet guy. Sunday we came home, and celebrated with the kids. It was an awesome weekend.

Andy and I are working super hard on our marriage. This time last year I thought we wouldn't make it, and today we are stronger than ever. I fel like marriage is always something you work at, sometimes it's harder than others, but if you keep working a little bit day by day you are sure to exceed. Our 13th anniversary is coming up, I hope to make it another 13 years!!

This guy is the best husband EVER!!!

I also dyed my hair. I'm no longer blonde. EEK!! I've never been dark, and I actually love the color that I am now. It's kind of a mahogany color.

My Top Gun sunglasses. Hehehe.....

I am hoping to get my camera out and take pictures in the next couple of days. Rhett has gotten so big. It's time for pictures for sure!!!


Colleen said...

Rhett looks so cute as a hamburger!! Sounds like you are all hanging in there. And I LOVE your hair!! :)

The Simmons Family said...

It's great to hear from you. I LOVE the dark hair.. you look great!

Can I just say that Rhett is the cutest hamburger ever.

Glad things are going great.

stephanie said...

hey!!! You look great with dark hair! glad things worked out with Andy! Things sound better for you all!

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