Monday, July 6, 2009

Turtles, Rachel Jammies, and Best Buds.....

Okay first of all I have no idea why this picture keeps showing upside down. I am blaming it on blogger, because everywhere else I post it, it's right side up. Don't believe me? Look HERE.

Just for reference, no I DO NOT make my kid sleep on his head.

Okay. On with the post. These are Rhett's Rachel Coleman jammies!! Aren't they just cute? They have been hanging out over at my friend Amanda's house for a while, but we just got them back.

I do however make Chloee sleep among MANY pink things. She is so girl.

Her and Rhett now share a room. She sleeps on the top bunk and Rhett sleeps on the bottom bunk. Rhett's secure enough in his masculinity that he's cool to be in a room filled with pink fluffy things.

Hunter and Rhett are having a blast this summer. Rhett loves having Hunter home with him all day. He looks up to his big brother, and thinks he walks on water. Best friends, that's for sure.

We hang out at the pool alot.

"Am I not turtle enough for the turtle club? Turtle Turtle!" (Ten points to whoever can name that movie quote.)

Memo to me....Swimming is much easier with the tongue out.

Chicky Boo lurves to cheese it up for the camera!

Rhett-a-tett hanging out by the pool watchin' all the hotties.

Hunter has been eating me out of house and home. The proof is in the pictures people. See that? TWO. Count em. One. Two. Ice cream cones! Okay, maybe one was Rhett's that he was opening.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....and Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails....

Boo-A-Roo is really enjoying the fact that she can see. Her headaches are much better, and she just looks so darn cute in those glasses!

I had an ultrasound done today for my gallbladder. As soon as we get the results back we will decide to take it out or not. Chloee will have her tonsils out next month, and I still need to get Rhett's surgery scheduled to have the wire removed from his chest.

Right now though I am just enjoying the summer with my kidlets.

That's the most important thing.


Anjie said...

I love reading your blog! All your children are amazing. :) I'm saying a prayer that all your surgeries and doctor appointments go well.

And the movie is Master of Disguise starring Dana Carvey.

Stephanie said...

LMAO! The movie IS Master of Disguise. We - well I - used to call Christopher that when he was a baby. I think he looked just like the turtle and he would stretch his neck out (probably to breathe). Now that I think of it, it was more E.T. ish. LOL!

Rhett is looking so good. Your kids are adorable. Hugs and prayers!


Kelly Zimm said...

Adorable pictures! And Chloee is tooo cute in those glasses; love 'em!

ABandCsMom said...

Oh these are great pictures! I love the messy face pic the best.

Ok..I cheated and looked at the name of the movie by the other comments. I knew it, but had forgotten. I often say that line too. Funny, the line stuck in my head, but the movie was long gone.

Shari said...

I agree! I love reading your blog, too. I was in Salt Lake for a long lay-over on Sunday. I wanted to call and meet up, but thought it might be too short of notice. I am flying again in September so maybe we could meet up then? Thinking of you always.

bwilltrout said...

Just wanted you to know about a site my daughter has used. Zenni optical. You can order your glasses and they are really cheat but good.

Anonymous said...

I saw the first pic and thought...this one is my favorite.
then I saw the next one and said, no, maybe this is my favorite..I think I just have to give you an A+ on that whole blog entry..I am so glad I'm not the only one with wacky nicknames for my kids and grandkids. They have such cool glasses for kids these days- you daughter just sparkles! Prayers your way...every day.
Owen's Gramma or as I call him Oee-i-oooo!

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