Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two Super Hero's and a Butterfly...

Saturday we had a chance to go to a kids fair at Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake.

It was cheap fun, what can I say. For 2.00 per person you got a wrist band and got to do activities all day long.

Including Face Painting.

Chloee was a very pretty Butterfly.

Dakota was Spiderman. I had to make Chloee stand next to him though so that he would let me take his picture. He really dislikes cameras.

And Rhett was The Hulk.

Rhett's done The Hulk impression since he was just a little guy. Like when he was just a year old. It's so funny. He puts his arms out, squeezes his eyes shut, puffs himself up, and goes GRRRRRRRR!!!!

He doesn't turn green though....we are still working on that.

We have been spending alot of time swimming in the pool at our condo. It was closed for a while due to the fact that alot of the condos sat vacant over the winter. Now however it seems like we have new neighbors moving in each weekend. The kids have made some good friends, although it still surprises me how many people new people we meet.

I have gotten into a bad habit of not wanting to take Rhett outside and on the playground without wiping the whole playground off with Clorox wipes. When I do take him out the second I see someone coming I tend to go inside.

I'm beginning to think I am a bit OCD when it comes to germs.

Oh sure I'll take him out into public, but for the most part he is in the confines of his chair, and I don't let him get down too much in crowds. If we do go somewhere, like to the aquarium we try to go on weekdays when it isn't crowded.

Last week when we spent time in the ER I was freaking out as we were triaged. There were so many sick kids in there, and Rhett was up there for heart issues. He hasn't been sick in months. <---Totally knocking on wood.....

I was so thankful for our awesome RN Dave, who watches out for Rhett so much. He told us to go wait in the xray waiting room so that we weren't around so many sickos.

That same night there was a child that passed away from the Swine Flu just one floor above us.

It's that kind of stuff that just scares the beejeebers out of me.

The MTC in Provo has over 43 missionaries quarantined, and 4 confirmed cases of Swine Flu. We have a friend who works there, and she is disabled. She has a disease that whenever she gets sick, it targets her brain. She wasn't supposed to live past the age of 2, and she is now 21. She has been kept home from work for the last couple of weeks until they have no more missionaries with symptoms.

Over the last week or so the cases in our state have jumped from the 200's to the 700's. It seems to be spreading quickly. I mean I know that it is acting much like the regular flu, however with all of Rhett's underlying health issues, the flu could be so much more for him.

For now we will just say our prayers each night that we continue with our healthy streak.

We don't need any of them bad boy germs coming around.

Good thing I have some superheros to fight them off for us eh?


Lacey said...

My pediatrician has seen the swine flu, she said it usually goes away before the normal flu does, around 48 hours. Of course our kids get sicker because of their underlying problems (I wonder who died)
I love Dave, he is my absolute fave in the ER. Do you want to meet somewhere on Saturday? I guess hope kids has grown so much that they now use two theatres.

ABandCsMom said...

Holy smokes. One floor above you was the swine flu? I would have freaked.

My Three Sons said...

I know that Carson having his severe asthma is making the waits longer in the waiting area due to swine. I think that it is very scary but like you, pray for all of u to stay healthy.

I love the pics of the state fair. Looks like everyone had a great day.

stephanie said...

Not enough stress in your life right now, let's throw in rising cases of swine flu, geeze. Anyway.. super face painting, they look great.That must have been a lot of fun.Keep the clorox wipes handy, sending prayers to all.

Molly C said...

I called my cousin last night, while she was hanging out with her new boyfriend. HE HAD SWINE FLU! He's fine now, he said it wasn't bad at all, but still. My little sister was sick the past few days, but luckily she is not on immunosupressants anymore.

Also, that face paint is fantastic!

DTanner said...

Sweet! I didn't know they reopened the pool. Hopefully it doesn't get vandalized like it has in the past by teenagers.

datri said...

Oh, I love the pics from the kids fair! Cheap entertainment, LOL.

Lacey said...

I guess we could meet were you walk in and the guy crosses off your name on the paper. I'm going to try to get there early to get a good seat with all these new people

Autumn said...

Love those pics of the kids! Looks like loads of fun.

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