Monday, June 15, 2009

Sleeping Among Stuffies.....

My kids are big stuffed animal lovers. Our house is plumb full of stuffed animals.

Big ones, little ones, and every thing in between we have them all. Chloee would rather play house and use one of her Build A Bears than use a doll any day. Most of her animals have clothes, and bottles and diapers, and ya. It goes on and on.

Rhett is the same thing too. His favorite is stuffed dinosaurs. However stuffed dinosaurs are a little tricky to find. Granted Rhett loves all things dinosaurs. He will play dinosaurs for hours.

Anyways, off subject here. Chloee loves her stuffed animals so much that she can often be found sleeping amongst them. Sometimes it can be hard to find her in the pile.

She kinda reminds me of ET. I just pray that one day I don't go into her room and find an alien amongst them.

I might just wet my pants if I do.

When it comes time to weed toys out around Christmas and Birthdays we always have a hard time getting rid of the stuffies. Each one is loved and has it's own place in our family.

Although many days I can be found kicking them out of the way and telling the kids if they don't pick them up I will throw them away, in all reality I wouldn't do it.

Every dog, cat, bear, dinosaur, bunny, giraffe, duck, and everything else in between is a part of us. We wouldn't be complete without them.

Just so you know.

I blame it all on Build A Bear.

Who would have ever thought to dress up stuffies in regular clothes and have every type of accessory under the sun?

And of course I wouldn't have fallen prey to their evil ways and thought OMG!! How cute is this?!?!?

Okay maybe I did. Sue me.


Ann said...

Both my kids have an animal that matches their nursery theme from Build-A-Bear but they have never really gotten into stuffed animals. For them its all about their blankies. I on the other hand have hundreds still at my parents house and a select few down here with me. I have a big dog Dan gave me that I sleep with when we aren't together.

stephanie said...

That's adorable. I've fallen victim to Build a Bear more than once, myself. But a least Chloee dresses her bears, my kids pick out the outfit, the bear looks so cute and then gone... and all that remains is a naked bear.

Midwest Mommy said...

That's a lot. BG has two a puppy (which is the big dog)n and dog (which is the tiny one) lol

My Three Sons said...

Chloee looks so cute all snuggled in there.

Julie Shaw said...

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