Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long 2 Days.....

Heh. Sorry for the lack of updates. I have a new growth on my side that's about 31 lbs, 36" tall, and has a mohawk.

So we ended up getting to the ER about 9 pm, and didn't get back to a room until after 10:30. When we were triaged they put in a 6" foley catheter in his stoma, it was the smallest they had, and it barley fit.

He was the slightest bit perturbed with that.

We went and sat in the xray waiting room away from all the disgusting kids that were in the ER.

Seriously, this lady had 5 little girls under the age of 6 and she should not have been a mom. Those poor little girls had snot caked on their faces, their hair was ratty as could be, and it was 65* out there and the mom had them dressed in hats, coats, and gloves. The poor things were sweating to death and hacking up a lung all over the ER. They were running around and looking at all the babies in car seats and strollers and coughing all over them. The mom just sat there and laughed at them.

I think once they were triaged we all took a vote and it was unanimous that they get the next available room. Thank heavens the nurses agreed and shuffled them out as quickly as she could.

I then proceeded to grab the wipes that were sitting at the check in desk and wiped Rhett's chair down. I kept walking away whenever the girls would come up to us, and telling them that Rhett was really sick and they didn't want to come near him.

Ya. I lied. But I'll be damned if they were going to touch my kid.

I don't blame the girls. I blame the parents.

So anyways, we walk down to the xray waiting room where there are not so many cooties, and sit down. Not 5 min after that I realize that Rhett's gurgling from his gut again and his foley catheter is dangling from his wheel.

So. I head back into cootie land and this time the nurse grabs a 10" catheter because his stoma has opened up a bit.

We meander our way back to xray, and watch the fish for a bit, then they come and get us and take us to our room. Not 5 seconds after we get into the room the foley falls out again.

Now for those of you that don't know, the catheter is inserted and there is a balloon at the end of it that you fill up with 5cc of water. These balloons kept popping. Which is what happened with his original Mickey Button. So just to get you up to date, this is the 5th balloon that has popped in him since 6 pm that night. (He popped his foley catheter that I put in him at home as well.)

I hit the nurses button and they come in with a bunch of different sizes of foley's to try with him. They try a 12" but can't get it in so they go back to a 10". We get it in and get him all taped up and put him in his chair. We settle down and watch some TV for a bit.

Then he explodes.

I never knew that a little body could hold so much poo.

I open the door, (before him and I both die of noxious fumes) hit the nurse button, and start the clean up. As the nurse walks in guess what falls out?

His freaking catheter.

I was so done at this point.

The attending came in during all of this and wondered aloud after hearing how many catheters he had gone through wondered aloud if for some reason he had super high acidity in his stomach for some reason. Maybe a bug, who knows. So she decided to give him some antacid.

So this time they are able to get a 12" in. Which is only 4" away from his usual 16" button. It was a tight fit, and he bled a little but it worked.

So after Rhett is all cleaned up, we decide to keep him semi naked for the time being. You know. In Case he tries to explode again.

I leave him in with the nurse, and go into the bathroom to change into a purdy pair of scrub pants that they were nice enough to hand me.

He hangs out for a bit and we watch some more TV. No more explosions, and his catheter stays in.

By now the resident is feeling cocky and decides that we can put the 16" button in. I sigh and tell them okay, but if it doesn't go in easily then I want to talk to surgery.

Well, he starts pushing it in slowly, and he gets it half way in and it gets stuck. He tries pushing it in, but doesn't want to put too much pressure on it, so then he tries to pull it out. Well when he pulls on it Rhett freaks more than putting the pressure on it to stick it in. So I tell the resident, "Here just let me do it. and I push down on it really quick. Rhett jumps and then is fine.

We fill up the balloon and he cries, but I don't blame him. He's been through a lot.

So all in all, his stoma is super irritated, and I wonder if it hadn't have been better just to leave the smaller foley in for a while, and then follow up with general surgery the next day.

You know, someone who deals with this stuff all the time and knows what they are doing.

Anywho. He's super sore. He's very clingy and once again completely traumatized. He's also sleeping a ton. I'm hoping we don't end up with an infection.

Here he is just after he exploded. He feels much better can you tell?

Awww, nuts....totally busted playing with my "No, No's".

This was just after they put the 10" in. Not a happy camper.

This is a close up of his stoma. You can see how irritated it is, after being stretched so much. You can also see how the tissue came right over the hole trying to close up. Sorry, kinda graphic I know.

This is what he has been doing a lot of since the whole situation. He likes my bed. It's a little more comfy I guess.

Today his stoma is still bleeding and he's not feeling the best. He's super grumpy, and cusses me in 3 yr old language each time we change his dressing.

Yesterday we did a lot of cuddling and not much else.

These are the days of our lives.


Larky Lady said...

Oh, poor little guy. That must have been difficult for you. I feel bad for all those snot-ridden children in the waiting room too! Darn parents.

Melissa said...

Holly Crap Pam, I'm so sorry that Poor Rhett had to go through all of that! I'm so glad that he's home;)
THANK GOD they were able to get a freakin cath in him...HOLLY COW! I'm super nervous w/Dillon, but yet he's done pretty well w/his Peg??
{{MAJOR HUGS}} You deserve Mom of the yr for that one!!!

Niksmom said...

OUCH! Have they gotten to the root of the problem though? Poor sweet thing!Hope he feels better soon and you guys catch a BIG break!

Michelle said...

PAM - Oh my God! I'm so sorry! I love it that you just did your job in front of the resident - done that too! With a flipping blood draw no less! I had to laugh with regard to the waiting room episode. You should see me run from people and grab the wipes! I'm a freak! I so want to come to your rescue. Things pretty mild here for the time being. KNOCKS on wood! Give that Rhetters a big old fat kiss from me. I pray for a break for ALL of you! Love you!

Brent & Jodie said...

Oh my goodness! We are praying for you guys!! Rhett, you little stinker. No more g-tube issues, buddy! HUGS!!

Shari said...

Poor babe! I pray his little belly heals quickly and he is back to making a ruckus!

My Three Sons said...

Well I'm glad to see a post. I was getting a little worried.

Poor Rhett. His site looks so painful. I think he has every right to cuss in his 3 year old language!

Give Rhett a great big hug and kiss from me!

Wendy's Mom said...

OH Pam I am so sorry you guys had such a bad time at the ER.
I am with you I just cannot understand why parents let the sick little kids run around the waiting room of the ER. Do they not know that if they are in the ER sick that it is possible someone else could be even sicker than their kids. I just do not know why some people can be Mother's when it is obvious they should not be, and then there are some that want children so badly and cannot have them.

Regarding Rhett's stoma. After cleaning his stoma areah, you might try putting some Aloe Vera Cream and/or Gel (the time that you get for sunburns is good) and put it around the red areas. It should help with healing and also the redness, unless it is infected then it will not help much. Also putting the gel in the refrigerator and getting it cold feels so good!


Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

You just described my worst nightmare with that button! One time Nathan pulled his out in a restaurant and we had forgotten the diaper bag with the foley in it. We were only 30 minutes from home, but we shoved money at the waiter and ran. I've never driven that fast before:) Even after about a half an hour it took more force than normal to get it in.

What was the cause of the problem?

Colleen said...

oh that looks so sore...I hope he is feeling better soon and it clears up!

ShaRhonda said...

Poor Little Guy-What a trooper you both are! Major hugs to both of you.

carolyn q said...

Oh, I am so sorry that it was such a nightmare in getting the problem taken care of. It looks so sore so I am hoping that he doesn't get an infection either. What a little tropper he is and so are YOU!

The Simmons Family said...

Poor Rhett... seriously... the kid needs to catch a break!! Oh and the ER thing with kids coming up and touching babes.. I have actually confronted THAT mother before and said.. PLEASE keep your children away from mine! Sometimes you just have to.

I've been going back and forth on the G tube issue -- Owen has had his NG for 16 months and with transplant looming, I don't forsee us getting rid of it anytime soon. Gtube will be inevitable, but YIKES... it looks painful. Insight please???

Andrea :)

Hope you get some rest.

datri said...

All I can say is Wow. Hugs to both of you.

Stephanie said...

Pam, I'm so sorry you and Rhett have to go through all that. It just SUCKS! Waiting rooms creep me out too. Ick. Prayers for healing and peace.

Autumn said...

Aww Poor fella. I am sorry he had to go through all that. Glad he is enjoying your bed and cuddly time with you.

LisaL said...

Poor little guy! That is one angry stoma!! Hope he feels better soon! As I was reading your post I was thinking - what the heck is in his stomach that the balloons keep popping?!?! Are they going to keep him on an antacid to help? Hugs to you both!!

My Three Sons said...

Just checking in to see how Rhett is doing? Give him lots of kisses from me.

Hope all is well.

Sarah said...

mic Key' buttons really stink. Seriously look into getting an AMT button. The mic key extensions still fit on it but it's just a 100 times better made button.

promise promise

Our Crazy Life said...

Goodness that stoma looks painful!!
You have an award on my blog!!

Four the Boys...Tami said...

I freakin' LOVE his hawk!

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