Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rhett, **Put The Dog Down!!**

Rhett loves our little Yorkie, Roxy. In fact sometimes I wonder if Roxy is another Rhett trapped in a dogs body.

They shred papers together.
They eat dog food together.
They lick each other.
They both bark when someone comes to the door. (Okay Rhett hollers DOOR!!!!)
They both eat sand.
They are both obsessed with water.
They run around in circles at night just before bedtime.
They share fruit snacks.
They share an obsession with poop.

You get the idea.

We are lucky to have such an amazing dog that will tolerate pretty much anything Rhett dishes out.

She weighs about 5 lbs and so she makes an easy target for Rhett to pick up and pack around the house like a rag doll. We have finally got him to pick her up under her front legs now though. Before he would grab her by the head.


If you were to come to our house on any given day this is what you would find.

"Rhett, be careful with the dog....

"Rhett, let go of the dog...."

"Rhett, put the dog down..."

"Rhett, get out of the cupboards and come get dressed, you can have a fruit snack later..."

"Roxy? Seriously you get out too!!"

A boy and his dog, haven't decided yet who is more trouble. It's probably sixes both ways.

On another note, Chloee won a bike from school!! Every time she did her reading for the month she would get to put her name on a token and put it in a box in the office. Then at the end of the year they do a drawing for a boys and girls bike.

Chloee happened to be the one who won the girls bike. She was so excited. She needed a new bike bad. Her other one was broken and really worn out.

Now she has this pretty new one!!

I'm telling you the girl has a lucky streak in her. We have decided that Rhett needs to rub her belly each day for good luck.

Speaking of luck, we spent Monday night in the ER with Rhett. He is in 2nd degree heart block, which is good for the fact that he isn't in complete heart block which would be 3rd degree, that would require a pacemaker.

He's been in 1st degree since his open heart surgery, so this is a development we didn't really want, but are thankful that he doesn't need a pacemaker quite yet.

Anyhow. There is alot more to this post, but I don't really want to get into it right now. It's a post for another day.

For now, have a Happy Wednesday!


Shelly said...

Yea Chloee!! I really need her luck! I recognize her Head Band in the picture! Gotta Love Dollar Store Hair Accessories, I have a couple of those myself!

stephanie said...

This is why you can never stop blogging. In the middle of everything going on in your life , you can write a post that is going to make everyone who reads it smile and forget their own "stuff" for a moment.

Chloee is the luckiest kid in the world, so happy for her.
Rhett is great.What a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO Chloee!!! Good for you!!! I need your kind of luck myself. The pictures of Rhett are priceless! My favorite one is luving the puppy. Pam, you have a wonderful family.


My name is Sarah said...

OMG!!! Roxy is too cute. Does she sleep with Rhett?

COOLWHIP said...

You could have rewriten the 'No David' book with that post.

Lacey said...

Hello there, man Cloee is definitly lucky, can I take her to Vegas with me.
How did you know to take Rhett go the ER? Funny heart rates or something?
We are planning on going to the movie next Saturday, and then maybe I can finally give you Rhetts blankie, its getting lonely here.

Michelle said...

That is too funny! I am so glad he has a dog to 'love'...I am not sure if our little 4 lb-er would tolerate that so I am glad he's got a pal! :) And congrats to Chloee on the bike...very nice! So sorry about Rhett and his heart!We'll pray it stays strong enough and wont need a pace-maker!

Colleen said...

Wow, congrats to Chloee!! She is a lucky gal! I am sure she will enjoy that bike this summer! :) And the pics of Rhett and Roxy are just adorable! I'm so glad Roxy has a high tolerance with being picked up so much! lol :)

Michelle said...

Pam, that dog! OMGoodness! I love little dogs. We'd have one, but I'm certain that Elliot would indeed torment it to kingdom come, and Isaac would chuck it across the room. I assume we'd have the luck of it NOT being as open-minded as your wee pup. I love the pics of Rhett with the doggy! So cute. Congrats to my Miss Chloee too! That is simply wonderful! She deserves a new bike. Such a trooper you have! I'll be praying that the heart issue is a non-issue. Miracles do happen...our recent labs indicate that. Of course, I'm hesitant to get too excited about things, but am feeling pretty good right now! Good things are in store for you. I know it! Love yah!

The Bryant Family said...

He is so cute!!!!

ABandCsMom said...

Oh my gosh. Rhett is so cute. I love how Roxy just puts up with it all. Great dog.

Congrats to Chloee. What a great prize!

Tiffany said...

Rhett is too funny... I loved the nakey boy in the cabinet shot! It's like the song from Sesame Street Put down the duckie lol... Only in this case its put down the doggie!

My Three Sons said...

I think Cloee needs to buy a powerball ticket for you guys!

I'm sorry to hear about Rhett's new development with his heart. He will be in my prayers.

As for the doggie and him, very cute. Before giving away our dogs due to Carson's asthma, he was the same way. He was always chasing the poor dogs all over the house.

Hope your enjoying your summer.

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