Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sweet Wee E.....

Any of you that have followed us for any amount of time, know that Michelle, Elliot's momma and I have a very special relationship.

Michelle has been there for me so much throughout the last few years. She has been my rock when I needed her most. She is an amazing mother, and friend. I couldn't ask for anyone better.

Now it's my turn to support her.

Sweet Elliot has had health issues over the last year or so. He recently had his galbladder out, and had a liver biopsy done. The results from the biopsoy didn't turn out so great and him and Michelle could really use your prayers.

Michelle has pushed and pushed for something to be done, and the Dr's have ignored her even up to the point of her pediatrican telling her to find somewhere else to go. If it weren't for Michelle advocating for her son, things would still be on hold, and that scares me. You just don't mess around with a child's health. Ya know?

Please keep Michelle and Elliot in your prayers.

To read more about Elliot and his amazing mommy, please visit HERE.


Michelle said...


MJMILLS said...

some drs really shouldnt be drs! erg! praying for their family

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