Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Kid Aspirates on Air....

Poor Rhett has another Aspiration Pneumonia - Again.

Is it possible to aspirate on air? Because I swear to you he does.

He is a gooey mess from every pore on his body. Anything that can leak, it's leaking.

~Big Time.

He came up to me this morning and asked for a kiss. He looked a little shiny around the lips, but I figured it was just drool.


When I kissed him, (which a kiss from Rhett is a "MmmmmmmWhaaaah", rubbing his face all over yours, mouth open wide and everything,) I got a mouth full of salty snot.

You know, I love my kid, but licking his snot off of his face really just crosses the line.

To add icing on the cake, he has started with an eye infection in his left eye as well. It's all cloudy and red, and watery. To be honest both eyes are watery, but the left one is more like a running faucet rather than just a leaky faucet.

He's cranky too. I mean, as far as cranky goes for Rhett, because his cranky isn't cranky compared to other's cranky. His cranky consists of a few little whines in between giggles and hugs.

I'm pretty cranky myself. I'm not tolerating things as well as I normally do, and I am feeling pretty darn overwhelmed with my pig stye of a house. I don't know what to do with 90% of the stuff we have, and we are moving on the 21st, so it's at least got to be organized or something. Andy's working so much and trying to get the pet store up and going, that he isn't around to help.

I'd love nothing more than to bite someones head off, so if you would like a good Arse Kickin, please just say something, just one teeny tiny negative thing, and I promise you I will fly off the handle like never before, and become an insane lady that needs to live in a rubber room.

~At least for a minute anyhow.

Not quite sure what I am so angry and upset about other than loosing the house, Rhett being sick, moving in the middle of freaking winter, and kids that feel like their goal in life is to trash my house.

I may have a little PMS thrown in the mix as well - Maybe.

After all we have been through the last few years I would love nothing more than a big fat vacation with my just my husband. I think both of us need to be reminded that we really do like each other.

I mean we LOVE each other for sure, and our marriage is super strong. But we need to spend some time together alone, even if it's just for a weekend. Away from work, the kids, the chores, the pets, the medical garbage, and the stress of loosing our home.

Right now we are putting everything else first, and once this is all done we need to regroup and get away.

Somewhere warm where I can totally wear flip flops with out the fear of my toes breaking off if I hit them on something.

Of course I'll need a tan first, because I literally glow in the dark right now. I have to put sunglasses on everytime I get in the shower.

So if any of you have some super funny stories, now would be a good time to comment. I could really use a laugh. After all, laughter IS the best medicine.


Niksmom said...

Yikes! No half-measures around there, eh? ;-) I'm afraid I don't have any jokes or things to make you laugh but I do have good thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery for Rhett, a smooth move for your entire household...and a big ol' tropical vaca for you & Andy!

Googsmom said...


My Three Sons said...

WEll I took Carson's diaper off this morning and he walked over to my coffee table and put his hands on his hips and peed all over the leg of the table.....smiling and singing I love you from Barney. I didn't yell at him because I was too busy laughing myself.

I hope Rhett gets to feeling better. He looks miserable in that picture. I just want to give him a big hug.

Lacey said...

I totally remember feeling like that. We went through a faze in our family that mom and dad are depressed, and it rubs off on the kids and the whole house is a mess. I was crazy upset when we lost our house, its was our first house. We put blood and sweat into it, painted the walls, did the landscaping. Let me jus tell you it does get better. The money doesn't help what they did, but it makes it so you can financially get more stable, and in turn focus on whats really important. These little angels that need us.

I think Jax may have caught something up there, he is awfully goobery too. Hopefully it doesn't put us back were we just came from Call me when Rhett gets better and we will go shopping. Kisses from me and Jax

Jess said...

Just wanted to send some hugs & prayers your here's the hugs. *HUGS* *HUGS* *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

Just keep moving one step at a time...I don't know how you handle all that you are without being ornery! You are an inspiration and I look up to you sooo much!! Good luck with everything!

jkribbit said...

Check out this blog post by a friend of mine. It sure cheered me up!

tara @ kidz said...

I am so sorry he's sick. Again. =(

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