Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Okay all of my trusty blogger friends. Help me out here. Hunter has a rash all over his body. He hasn't been running a fever or anything like that. Just an itchy rash.

Me? I think it looks an awful lot like measels. He didn't get his booster MMR at 5 yrs old because he had a severe reaction to the first one.

PLEASE tell me there is something out there besides measels that looks like this.


Carmell said...


I'm a lurker on your blog (love reading about your family) and I live in Utah too. This "measles" post caught my eye. My Braydon (now 13yrs old) had a weird rash called Pityriasis Rosea http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/762725-overview

Maybe this is it?

My Three Sons said...

Carson gets those from time to time and the doctor told me it is just his allergies. Could it be dry skin?

Measles usually presents more symtoms than what you described.

I will pray that it is nothing serious.

Take care.....HUGS

Lacia said...

Could it be an allergic reaction to something?

Shari said...

That looks kind of lacey and stuck together. Possible virus?

Aimee said...

My nephew gets something that looks like this quite often. His is just allergies and he can usually take Zyrtec and it goes away.

Something else to think about... have you changed brands on your soap or laundry detergent? If so, it might be an allergy from that.

jkribbit said...

This looks like either an allergic reaction or possibly cellulitis (a bacterial infection of the skin). We've had both in our family. Antibiotics will help with the cellulitis - but you don't want it getting out of hand. My sister ended up at PCMC with IV antibiotics for her case of cellulitis and I know how much you love PCMC! I'd suggest trying benadryl or zyrtec and seeing if it helps, otherwise, I'd check with the doctor fairly soon. Good luck! I hope it clears up fast!

Ally in Wonderland said...

You know, it looks a lot like heat rash. But being the middle of winter, I don't know.

I do know on the rare occasions I go running, my legs look like that (but I'm ├╝ber pale, so any color on me looks strange)

I say if he isn't dead yet, he's going to be just fine.

Carey said...

Looks like a pesky childhood rash. I hate them as they're nearly impossible to diagnose and the dr. always says, ... let's just watch it and give him benedryl if it bothers him ... AHHH! Good luck.

mom26kids said...

pam, I worked as a medical assistant for a peds doc. I can't diagnose but viral rashes can come in all shapes and sizes. Strep can cause a rash without any other symptoms except the rash. If he doesn't have any other symptoms especially a fever or pain then I would just watch it. but, it is better to be safe and if you are worried take him in. they really need to look at it to be able to tell what it is. try Benadryl. this is not only for itching but it can often help it go away.

Brigitte said...

Looks very similar to something my kids have had, well more specifically Josie and it as Roseola (sp) the dr told me that by the time the rash starts they are on the downward slide, though it did take about 4 days for it to go completely away. Have you tried Benadryl and did it help? Hope it goes away soon!

Anonymous said...

I ditto the allergic reaction...my 2 yr old gets rashes like this all the time. We also use zrytec and benadryl. She'll get the rash for no reason that we can figure out---foods etc. The last time she had a rash like that was at christmas when I put a new outfit on her before washing it first.

If it is cellulitis, it would really hurt and his leg would be swelling also. Also, it would feel warm when you touch it. My oldest dd gets cellulitis at least once a year--it will be very painful to her when I touch it.

I hope you figure it out soon.


Wendy's Mom said...

It looks like a rash to me too. Did he wear some new clothing, use new towels, soap, shampoo or anything that he might be allergic too? If it is itching give him some benadryl and of course if it gets worse take him to a Doctor!


Lori said...

Your Measels blog really caught my eye. My daughter had a rash that looked like that and as it turned out it was Fifth's Disease. We tried the allegery medicine and nothing worked so I took her to the doctor and they told me it was Fifth's Disease and it would just run it's course. It did and today she is doing well

CC said...

Hope he is okay!!!!!! :(

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