Monday, February 9, 2009

Feelin Fine...

Rhett is actually feeling much better. He's back to his crayon eating, mess making, turning mom gray before 31, type of self.

He has actually been off of oxygen for a good part of the day. Of course he is back on it now that he is sleeping. I totally blew off his pulmonologist appointment the other day. My brain for some reason has turned into moldy swiss cheese, and the hamsters that are supposed to be spinning the wheels are obviously on vacation somewhere. ~Probably in a warm climate with their hamster buddies running around with the wind blowing through their fur.

Me? I'm sitting here at my computer trying NOT to become a Pamcicle.

My teeth are also crumbling out of my head. It's probably from me chattering them so much the last month or so.

I was sitting at the computer minding my own business, tweeting away, and the back portion of my top two front teeth just fell apart in my mouth. I wasn't eating or anything. That's the second time in two weeks.

My teeth used to be okay, but I grind them so bad at night that over the last three years they have decided to turn to dust.

Since Andy and I don't have insurance there isn't much I can do except hope that I don't turn into one of those freaky ladies off of My Big Fat Redneck Wedding that only have half of their teeth, if that.

Those ladies totally give me nightmares.

Of course the 4 snakes that Andy just walked in the door with make me have even more nightmares. Thank God for the pet store.

------Excuse me while I go hide under the covers until he gets them moved to the pet store.


My Three Sons said...

Yea, I'd be hiding as well.

I'm glad to see my little guy feeling better.

My grandma used to be the supervisor at our local dental school. Do you have one close by? They are all students that work on you but they are ALL supervised and if it something more major, then it will be an experienced student. Just a thought. I had to go a few times there and really, I think they were more intuned and more on top of it than a dentist that has been doing it for 10 years. Check it out and let me know. VERY CHEAP!!!

Okay, that is my two cents for the day. Take care and know I'm sending lots of hugs your way.

Danni said...

Hi, I found your blog thru SITS and I just want to say your son is gorgeous! My 3 year old daughter has Down Syndrome as well and I love reading other parents' journeys of their children with DS. Hope to read more about your beautiful family.

Danni in Australia!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear your little one is feeling better....hear you about the teeth issue, in a similar boat here-hope the snakes are relocated quickly :)

Googsmom said...

Pam, I had the same teeth grinding problem awhile ago. I have no ins either. The dentist recomended to go to the store (walmart) and get some mouth guards. (like from the sports section) A couple bucks. Wear them at night. It feels funny at first and you have to learn not to drool all over but it saved my teeth from more damage. Just a thought {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Megan said...

Glad that he is feeling better! Yikes about the snakes!!!!

Lacey said...

Call me so we can go shopping!!

Lacey said...

theres ablog award for you on my blog.

Tiff said...

Yucky i do not like snakes. Hope he got them out of there quickly. My daughters teeth have done that. She had a cap put on one after it fell apart in the dentist hands while he was sealing her teeth. But she hasn't had an issue since.

AZ Chapman said...

glad Rhett is felling fine. Here to the pet shop setting up soon so the snakes slither away he he he

All 4 My Gals said...

Oh Pam, I'm so sorry. That just stinks. HUGS to you honey. I hope you can get your teeth fixed.

I'm glad your boy is feeling better.

Maricris Zen Mama said...

You have a very positive outlook in spite of your situation which makes it easier to deal with anything that comes your way. You're an inspiration.

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